Best Casino Games that have the highest payout rates

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Everyone cares about the question, what are the best casino games for withdrawal in 2019? Everyone wants to win money and to get them as soon as possible. Not so important – the beauty of the slots, their bonuses or convenience. It is essential for players to understand not only pleasure but also real gain while playing the best casino games to win money. The best online casinos understand this very well and therefore try to withdraw money as soon as possible, thereby ensuring themselves a good reputation.

But how can you tell a newbie in the world of excitement, if he doesn’t understand the intricacies of the game and gambling software at all? What should you pay attention? Highest payout casino games are one of the driving forces of casinos.


What to pay attention to

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First of all, pay attention to the companies that are in the casino. Best casino games produced by Net Entertainment, for example, can be taken as a sign of quality that speaks for itself. Great bonus options, beautiful and exciting slot machines – this is not a complete list of the advantages of casino games from this manufacturer.

No deposit programs are also a significant indicator of casino reliability. As a rule, the best at withdrawing funds from online casinos are always trying to offer free casino games to novices for no less than a dollar or euro.


Sometimes, to withdraw the won money, you will need to discourage a considerable wager, which some do not master until the end. An excellent online casino does not do that – a bet will not exceed 50x of the amount of bonus money.


Also, if you, for example, won the amount from twenty to one hundred dollars, you will need a minimum of documents to verify your account. It can only be right or passport, to confirm your identity. Of course, to withdraw more significant amounts, more documents are required: these can be invoiced for payment for services, registration, and others. In the comparative table of the best online casinos on the withdrawal of funds separately indicated this parameter.


Black Jack


One of the best casino games Black Jacks is between the dealer and the player. In this case, the player must score more points than the croupier, but not more than twenty-one points. If a player scores more than 21 points, the player loses.


To start playing Blackjack, and it is necessary to place a bet on the boxes marked on the table, while the bets should not be more than the sum of the traditional casino or less than the minimum of the table. After making a bet, the player clicks the “Deal” button to deal the cards. After that, he has issued two cards, and the player will need to calculate the resulting amount of points, it is worth noting that the player and dealer cards are counted automatically and displayed on the screen. Based on the result, the player must make a choice: take another card or surrender. But if the player has already scored 21 points, then no more game cards need to be taken – the player won, provided that the dealer does not have 21 points; if the dealer and player have 21 points each, a draw is recorded.



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Players place their bets after the words “place your bets, gentlemen.” The maximum and minimum rates vary in different casinos. The wheel starts in the process of accepting bets. The ball starts in the opposite direction from the rotation of the wheel. Loss of a ball on a particular field is fixed to the croupier on the playing field. The casino takes the losing bets and pays the winners.


There are many betting strategies for playing roulette, but genuinely ideal-random roulette always gives an advantage to a casino in the amount of 2.7% to 5.3% (depending on the number of zero fields). When using different methods and approaches, you can reduce the losses, but you can’t get rid of them! The most popular way of playing roulette is the Martingale system.


Video Poker

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Video Poker is an electronic version of Draw Poker. The name with the fact that the central part of the gaming machine is the electronic screen, where all the moments of the game hare reflected. Many people like Video Poker because of the ability to concentrate on winning combinations by not having distractions and making mistakes. It can appear when playing with your opponents or a dealer. In this game, you do not think about the bluff, the stakes and the characteristics of your opponent; the only point you think about is the card’s replacement.

Video poker is one of the best casino games in both casinos and gaming halls because it provides an ability to win an experienced player.


By using the strategy, some tools return in about 102% of the money invested. But still, most Video Poker machines return 95-99.95% of the amount you spent in their slot, that is, they have an advantage over a player of 0.5-5%, which also dramatically exceeds the acceptable offer not only for different casino slots with best odds but also for many other best casino games.

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It doesn’t matter where you play; the dice are the same everywhere and have six faces. The best game to play at casino to win money involves two bones. It is not difficult to calculate that in the game there are only 36 combinations with amounts from two to twelve.


Playing dice online is simple, but for a beginner player, it may seem too complicated. A field with a lot of betting boxes, game markers, a dealer who picks up a player’s bet, even if a given number has been dropped – this can be confusing. But soon, when all the above actions make sense, for many craps becomes a favorite game.


The casino entices players with excellent service and provides a platform for entertainment. Gambling on its side is pure mathematics. Therefore, if you go there, it is better not for “breaking the bank,” but just for fun. If you want to choose between the best casino games, you should research to know what suits you more.


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