Best Online Casino Slots for Real Money in 2019

Do you want to feel an awesome rush of adrenaline in your blood and gain real money while gambling? Let me give you good news before I start; even if you are the one who is afraid of taking risks and prefers a calm life, you can still enjoy online gambling and win prizes. If you think gambling with real money is dangerous, I will help you choose the best casino online slots with high-pay offs from reliable casino websites. As expected, it is not a coincidence that there are hundreds of slot machines in casinos. If you have ever been in one of them, you probably immediately heard the voice of spinning reels and noticed colorful visuals of a slot machine in every corner.

In real, a slot game is also the first choice of players on famous online casinos. That is because slot games are easy to play. You can study the rules of the game, even while playing. In addition, you would not experience an uncomfortable feeling of worrying about holding the game for others. What is better than this advantage? Of course, gaining real money while enjoying the game! The bonus features of slot game make it even easier to collect real money. Probably those who oppose gambling with real money have never tried and experienced the real excitement and satisfaction from online gambling.

Gaining real money is not impossible; you just need to carefully choose a reliable online casino and a slot game which suits you the most. Then you might be one of the people who had a gut to bet and earn the prize that changed their lives in one night. Now it is time to get to know the best online casino slots for real money!


Diamond Monkey-One of the best online casino slots in Fish Arcades Games

fisharcades games


You would not believe how easily you can win great prizes with Diamond Monkey slot offered by Fisharcadesgames.  Land identical symbols on all five reels and enjoy the fortune gifted by God Hanuman. In the game traditional Indian symbols, mythological patterns, together with valuable stones, will take you a tour to rich and colorful India. While many may prefer serious graphics, the game’s casual visuals are entertaining and do not overwhelm the players with confusing features. No need to mention its catchy background music that will boost the gambling experience. So why Diamond Monkey is one of the best online casino slots? That is because it offers 50 pay lines which are greater than the number of pay lines offered by many similar slot games.

The higher the number of the pay lines, the greater the chance that you will win. Moreover, you will get free spins if you land wild symbols. Talking about wild symbols, you will be thrilled by the Hanuman effect. Hanuman-monkey god- is a wild symbol which brings you 50 coins every time it appears. Besides, it brings a red gemstone and if you collect it 25 times, it will gift you coins and free spins. In the game, the highest possible combination consists of five royal palaces, and it will pay you 500 coins. The game is also a favorite choice of risk-lovers in online casinos. When the main mode of the game is finished, you will get access to a risk game. There you can rise the prize payouts.


Treasure Jewels- Riwersweeps Platinium

riversweeps platinium


It would be a great mistake if I did not talk about Treasure Jewels of Riwersweeps Platinium. All you need to do is push the Spin button and watch five reels create a pay line out of 9 offered. It is one of the simply designed, classic and intriguing examples of best online casino slots. The game has 8 characters; diamonds carry coins between 500 to 20,000. A treasure box and gold bullion will bring prize ranged between two thousand and fifty thousand. However, the royal crown is more exciting. It offers coins of a value of 5000 to 25,000, and if you land five of them in a row, it leads to the highest jackpot. Not to forget that wild symbols also exist in the game and if combined, they can bring profits, too. You should bet the same amount for each line, so bet lines are not adjustable.

Likewise, you can enjoy autoplay function, which is a function many classic games do not have.  It should also be mentioned that the game is designed in a way that it gives a user full control. In various windows, you can monitor your bet, balance, and payoffs. Moreover, the interface is easy to track due to clear symbols and moves are explained in a clear way with easily understandable graphics. As a result, this will help you avoid some common slot game mistakes, namely, lack of game logic or bankroll management. You should also consider that you can play Treasure Jewel wherever and whenever you want through a web browser. You do not need to download any apps or use plug-ins.


Hot Diamonds- One of the best online casino slots in Vegas-X

Speaking of valuable stones, diamonds, gemstones, we cannot pass over Hot Diamonds offered by Vegas-X. This game differs from the previous one does not have any specific theme, instead, you should only focus on reels and collect bling.  The game has again five reels and this time, ten pay lines, so it has 0.5 reels to pay line ratio. This ratio is an excellent indicator of winning potential. You can gain maximum 12,500 credits and enjoy a risk game where your gain will be more than the main mode. Symbols include rings, diamonds, valuable stones like Amethysts or Sapphires… Not surprising that this game is always in the lists of online slot games for lady gamblers. In addition, the game also offers scatter and wild symbols. If you have bonus scatter symbols, you can get fifty thousand coins.

They are also able to give you access to free spins if you land 3,4, or 5 of them. Even better than free spins are that, while you play free spins, wild symbols will substitute the scatter ones. Moreover, Hot Diamonds is considered as one of the best online casino slots because it fits the needs of all types of players. It is a favorite of risk-seeking players; gamble feature of the game gives you a chance to double or quadruple the win you got. However, the game also addresses the needs of risk-averse people; you only need 10 coins to start the game, which does not cost much compared to what you can gain.


Banana Splash – Skillmine

Let’s now shift our focus from expensive stones to tasty fruits. If you are looking for a fun way to spend your time, Banana Splash by Skillmine is just for you. In terms of design, sound effects, and animations, you can feel yourself playing in an actual slot machine. These fruits go on vacation; however, they help you to win so much real money, so that you can go on vacation with them, too! 5 reels, 9 pay lines ensure the game is easy to play. Regular symbols include coconuts, pineapples, and bananas with 25000,40000,90000 coins, respectively. 

However, the fun part is that bananas can be transformed into Wild symbols and double the prize. You can even get 150k coins if you land 4 melons and 1 banana on a pay line. Banana splash is a thrilling game with Its Scatter symbols, too. Look for Cabanas as they can grant you immediate prizes such as coins or free spins. The game gives you a lot of chance to win prizes. If you collect more 3 or more of scatter symbols, then your mind will blow! You will get access to 15 free games where your payoffs will be tripled.

No wonder that the game is in the list of the best online casino slots with its incredible prizes. In addition, if you want to have something more exciting, just try the risk game. After you win a combination, press the bet button. In the risk game, you will again decide the color of the last card after they shuffle. If you guess correctly, your prize will be multiplied. The catchy soundtrack, funny, animated game characters will not let you feel bored while you enjoy winning real money.


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