Best Online Slots You Can Find On The Internet

best online slots

Do you think that game reviews are useful in defining the quality of the casino slots? Are you checking rankings/reviews before starting to play slot games? If you are doing so, then we have good news because, in this post, we are going to explore the best online slots and their beneficial sides. Let’s start with the first game, which is the Big Ben slot.

#1 Big Ben One of the Best Online Slots 

Big Ben is one of the great slot games that is offered by Skillmine. A symbol of London and the iconic clock is the main character of this game. It is a very colorful and dynamic slot game that will capture your attention as soon as you start to play. There are some symbols that you will resemble while playing Big Ben. For example, The Crown of the Queen, Tavern Sign, The Queen’s Guard, Telephone Boot, The Red Arrow Bus, Streep Lamp, and of course, the United Kingdom’s Flag are among them. Rules of Big Ben are straightforward, just like every online casino slot game. You need to choose the amount of deposit, pay it, and press the spin button. That’s it; after then you can sit back and wait for great prizes that this game will offer you. 

Rules / Interface

best online slots

One of the advantages that players get from this game is the flexible pay lines. In Big Ben, you can change the number of pay lines from one to twenty-five. They can be both vertical, horizontal, or zig-zag lines. Depositing is as simple as it gets, and it is also flexible in this online slot game. You can choose wagers from zero points one dollar up to two point five dollars on every winning pay line. Total bet for one round can be around sixty-two point five dollars. Big Ben is a low volatility slot, and that means you have a chance to win various rewards frequently from this game. Return to Player Rate of the game stands at ninety-five point fifty-four percent. 

Bonus system

As we mentioned before, Big Ben is a very active game in terms of bonuses. In this game, players will get the highest bonuses with little or no effort. The tremendous welcome bonus will help you to collect ten free spins after the registration process. The welcome bonus of the game falls into the category of no deposit bonuses, which means players do not have to wager in the game to get used to this great opportunity. The highest symbol of the game is a British Soldier. That symbol can pay you up to thirty thousand coins for free. All you need to do is to match just two of them on the same reel, and there you go. 

Another advantage of a bonus system in Big Ben is that you can trigger and re-trigger them in several ways. For example, if you match three scatter symbols, you will trigger the bonus round, which will help you to earn fifteen to twenty-five free spin chances. Besides, you will re-trigger this feature by matching wild symbols of the game in the following rounds. Multipliers are a great way to enhance your balance so, in Big Ben, you will get the chance to experience one of the highest multiplier bonus rounds in an online casino platform. All you need to do is matching Bell Symbols, and eventually, you will multiply earned rewards with at least twelve times. 

#2 Quest for Gold

Quest of Gold is one of the best online slots that you can play in an online casino. It is five reels and a three-row slot game that is offered by Skillmine. There are twenty pay lines in Quest for Gold. Adventures gameplay scenarios will help you to relax and enjoy the best features of the game. The lowest deposit that you can make in this game is equal to zero point two dollars, and the highest is five dollars for every pay line. In one round, you can wager a maximum of one hundred dollars. Most of the online casino slots are offering only ten to fifteen pay lines. However, you will experience the advantage of having twenty pay lines while playing Quest for Gold. Mysterious design of the game will resemble Indiana Jones movies. While searching for gold mines, you will encounter with beneficial bonuses of the game

Design / Bonus System

There are several well-known and custom symbols in this game. For instance, you will see letters like K, J, A, Q alongside numbers like lucky seven, nine, and ten. Custom symbols of the game are the gold medallion, monkey, and pyramid. If you create a matching line of monkey symbols, you will get three hundred additional coins. Pyramid symbol is scatter of the game, and it pays out around eight hundred free coins if you could match at least three of them on particular reels. There are free spin chances that are waiting for you in Quest for Gold. For instance, three explorer symbols in a row will help you to collect twelve to fifteen free spin and re-spin bonuses. If you like adventure games and want to compete at the highest level, Quest for Gold is the game that you are looking for. 

#3 Wonderful World

best online slots

Have you ever thought about traveling? Is not it would be fantastic if you could travel around the world. One of the best online slots that can help you with that issue is Wonderful World. The game inspired by ancient novels and designed just like comic books. Characters of Wonderful World are all imaginary. Riversweeps Platinum offers this fantastic game. There are five reels and three rows in this slot game. Besides, you will notice that there are twenty fixed pay lines in the game. 

The story of the Wonderful World is unique. You will have a chance to join the mysterious characters and travel with them for eighty days while having various adventures. Both visual and sound effects are related to the theme of the game, and they are playing a fantastic role in the game. These effects will increase the entertainment value of the casino slot game because of the tandem that they are creating. The wonderful world is a high volatility slot game. Return to Player Rate in this game is equal to ninety-six percent. It is higher than the average for slot games. 

Bonuses in Wonderful World

The bonus system of the game is another aspect that will catch your interest as soon as you register. The main symbol of the game is Compass. As you may know, Compass is showing four different sides, and in each of them, you will get various rewards while playing Wonderful World best online slots. You can collect treasures and convert them to actual coins during the journey. There is a thing that is called Travel bonus in this casino game. To get that bonus, you will need to match at least three Globe symbols on the same reel. The travel bonus will offer you five hundred free coins and up to twenty-five free spin chances. Shipwreck is the wild symbol of Wonderful World. By using Shipwreck, players can quickly multiply their rewards with two times during the games. 

If you are looking for the best online slots, this list will help you to explore and learn valuable features that will be helpful for you in future gaming experiences. Good Luck!

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