Client software limits the customer activity the way you’d love it – hides desktop icons, the Windows button, the access to the system.

Easily manages customer accounts, security, games and programs usage.
Controls all of your printers and optionally deducts print cost from the session.
Full POS system with customer loyalty, advanced statistics, reports and logs.
Customizable pricing with prepaid and postpaid accounts,prepaid-codes, refills.
Client remote , and much of options for top security.

MyCyberCafe software supports: Desktop personal computers, thin clients (terminal services, NComputing, etc.). Internet Cafe Software, Cyber Cafe Software and Gaming Center Software by Antamedia, provides
full billing and income control, locks unused computers, generates detailed reports and statistics and supports password protected employee accounts. Process payments quickly and efficiently and improve your business with various reports and statistics. Prepaid or postpaid mode with ability to specify individual discount for each member. Regular customers logs in with username and password. There are many options to setup including configurable access options, unlimited usage etc.

Smart Cards are reusable access cards which supply complete secure system with Internet Caffe software. Custumers doesn`t got to remember username and password or timecode. Simply insert card in reader and login occurs automatically. Stores different actions performed in Server and Client software: charged items or services, time when Caffe Server is started and closed, time of login attempts on Server, employee actions etc.

Printer Tracking
Printer Tracking is a great feature that can help you manage user activities and charge them for them. Our Internet Cafe software comes with a plugin that is considered as a printer tracking. Through this tool, you will be able to see which documents the users are printing out and charge them accordingly. They might use colored images, which will make the process expensive. This tool will detect the number of pages and automatically add that amount to the customer’s overall bill.

Security Tools
As you are running a client-based business, security is the key to a variety of aspects. Customers enter personal details while making purchases online or entering their emails. Without having a secure platform, you cannot expect them to do so. In order to avoid further complications, you need to take this issue seriously and go with the software provider that offers premium security tools.

With BitBetWin internet cafe, you would manage to control your cybercafe platform and ensure safety for your customers. This system allows you to automatically clear the history of every computer after each session ends.

History of visited websites can create problems regarding the user’s security if you are not doing the deletion process manually or switch to this automatic tool. Doing it manually is hard for you as the number of customers and active computers is high in the internet cafe. So, the easiest solution is to utilize the automatic deletion feature that BitBetWin Internet Cafe Software provides you with. This feature will disable active programs from running and delete all the browser history, which will make your terminals fresh for the next user.

Point Of Sale Option
By utilizing the variety of services that are provided through BitBetWin Internet cafe software, you will manage to take full control over your platform and give desired services for customers. With the addition of the Point of Sale module, you will manage to sell the goods to customers easily. You can sell compact disks, foods, and beverages easily through this tool. You can enter the price tag of each product into the system and charge them differently according to their value.

Bandwidth Control
As you are running a business that heavily depends on the speed and quality of the internet, bandwidth control is one of the essential features that you need to focus on. We integrated the bandwidth control feature to our internet cafe software for providing better services for our customers. Through this tool, you will manage to control the speed of the download and uploading of files whenever it is necessary.

Why Choose Us?
Internet cafes are platforms where people go to gain access to the internet and play a variety of video games. At least, this definition was applicable up until the point when cyber cafes were still trending. Over time, the number of electronic devices and internet access became more frequent. Nowadays, people can check their emails or access any web page through their mobile devices.

As BitBetWin, we decided to come up with a product that would enhance the entertainment value and take the convenience aspect to another level for your future customers. In our cyber cafe software, you will manage to offer different options for players regarding the software models, multiplayer video games, internet browsers, and search engines. The availability of different options makes it a great fit for every customer as they will have freedom of choice regarding the tasks that they want to complete.

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