Honest Reviews on Casino Slots in 2019

casino slots

Online casinos are one of the fastest improving parts of the online gaming industry in recent years. Gamblers tend to ignore land-based casinos and prefer online gambling. The main reason is that gamers want to bet while sitting at their sofas or fishing in the lake. Although almost all types of online casino games are popular, players are interested in casino slots more. Therefore, its ranking exceeds other online slot games. As the casino slot becomes well-known, new players look for useful reviews about them. It will help them to identify whether mobile slots fit their interests or not. There are thousands of reviews on websites. However, very few of them are reliable. In this blog, you will have the chance to get familiar with the most recent and honest reviews related to casino slots.

Reasons to play casino slots.


One of the most crucial factors that grab gamblers’ attention while selecting the game is simplicity. According to experienced players, playing so complicated games are not fun even if you win some money at the end. Casino slots have straightforward rules and guidelines, which gamers easily understand and implement. So, players claim that this feature is the first one that differentiates this online slot machine from other games. Moreover, the configuration process of these games is also so comfortable. In most cases, you can click install and download the casino slot during a short period. It is tough to install some casino games, which makes the player lose interest before starting. So, if you try slot games, you will not encounter any problem like this. If you also do not want to think a lot before making moves while betting, mobile slots are for you.

Lower costs of casino slots

As mentioned in the above paragraph, slots are gamblers’ favorite games in land-based casinos. However, playing slots in real places costs a lot to gamers. For instance, let’s imagine that you go to Vegas to play slot games. You will have travel, accommodation, meal and many other costs which will affect your budget negatively. And if you can’t win the game, your loss will be even more. However, if you are playing casino slots, you directly remove any additional expenses related to travel, etc. It is another reason why the online slot is so popular among gamblers. Because their only costs are betting amount, and it gives them a chance to play bigger. In short, players recommend playing mobile video slots rather than going to real casinos because of cost issues.

Variety of choices

casino slots

Another crucial point that attracts gamers to play video slots is a variety of options. Developers created thousands of slot games till now. The exciting element is that every game has some specifications which differentiate it from others. Some gamblers prefer casino slots because of high-quality design. Everyone wants to play elegant, bright, and well-designed backgrounds. Moreover, some slots offer extraordinary music effects. Having very relaxed songs while betting is also a great feeling. Therefore, this feature also grabs the gamblers’ attention. So, various backgrounds, music, and other effects make the casino slot more exciting and catchier. Having such a variety of games does not let you get bored. If you do not like anything in-game A, you can easily install other substitutes and continue enjoying them.

Flexible betting amount

Deciding how much amount of money to bet is one of the most challenging issues that players encounter. Because there is always a risk of losing money, which makes gamblers fear. In lots of online or land-based casinos, there is a minimum betting amount, which is quite high. However, casino slots have very flexible in terms of betting size. In some online slot games, you can even start playing by paying a few cents. It is an excellent opportunity for players who do not want to risk more money. So, if you are also risk-averse, you can quickly try video slot games, which will not charge you a lot.

Many additional bonuses

It is a fact that all online gamblers would like to hit the highest prizes while playing online casino games. However, reaching this point is not so easy. In some cases, players need some additional help to unlock different modes or to pass stages. So, casino slots are also very generous in terms of offering additional bonuses. Gamblers always state that you can get free spins, gifts, prizes, bonus rounds in most of the best slot games. Getting such promotions will help you to advance in slot games. According to experienced players, bonuses increase the probability of earning more at least twice. So, if you start playing slots, the possibility of being rich will be possible for you.

Higher RTP rate

If you are an active player, you know that the chance of winning is not the same in all games. There are several factors, which have a direct impact on winning. However, one of them is a critical point, which shows the overall picture. This dimension returns to player ratio, which is quite a popular term in the online gambling industry. This rate demonstrates the possibility of earning in short. In most casino slots, the RTP rate is between ninety and ninety-six percent, which is quite a considerable number. 

In comparison, the rate is below eighty percent in most land-based casinos. If we compare this rate with the other casino games, it is still the highest one. So, after showing these numbers, the conclusion is that the chance of winning is more in the casino slot. Therefore, playing video slots is the safest way of spending time in online casinos. So, you can consider RTP before starting to bet in any case. This consideration will impact the earning amount directly, and it is what the gamblers want.

Less stress, more fun

casino slots

There are two critical points that gamblers need while playing video slots: winning prizes and spending high-quality time. You can reach the first point in many types of mobile casino games. However, sometimes, it is not easy to feel relaxed and enjoyed while betting. Some online casino games are challenging and stressful. So, you need to focus on the game intensely, think about further moves, etc. This kind of stuff may make you feel bored after a few rounds. On the other hand, mobile slots are stress-free gambling games. The reason for this is that the rules are so straightforward. Therefore, you do not need to think a lot to decide what to play. You can even select the most straightforward modes to minimize the complexity of video slot games. So, in short, if you want to avoid any stress while playing online gambling, slots are for you.

No interaction with others

Another specific factor that differentiates slot games is to have zero interaction with others while playing. Let us look at the example of other casino games. In most cases, you will need some other parties to play the game online. It is a waste of time because you need to wait for them to join. If the table is not full, the game will not start. Moreover, sometimes, you will also wait for others to make moves. This kind of issue will destroy your interests in games. However, in the case of casino slots, you will not face any problems like this. You will select the casino slot and insert the amount you want to bet. Afterward, the real game will start, and you will have a good time while playing slots.

Auto-play functionality

Online slots have a very distinctive feature, which is hard to find in other casino games. The thing we are talking about is the auto-play function. Developers considered that sometimes, people are to busy to deal with casino games. But they still want to bet while not focusing on the game at all. Therefore, they created a unique auto-play feature. With the help of this function, you can make bets several times without touching the screen. It is so comfortable for gamers because they can bet while spending less time in video slot games. Some players argue that this functionality reduces the excitement that they feel after pushing spin each time. But it is an optional characteristic. If you do not want to use it, you can ignore it very quickly.

What are the best slot games to play in 2019?

Deciding which game to play is quite a hard decision. Players should consider many factors before selecting mobile slots. Therefore, to help the newcomers, I will talk about the best video slots. I will discuss the factors mentioned above while defining which game is better. The suggestions will be quite helpful for the new players who have no clue about slots. So, you can continue focusing on the next passages carefully not to miss any crucial points.


777 mobile

If you are thinking out of the box and want to get the biggest prize during a short period, this game is for you. Cleopatra has various characteristics, which make it one of the best slot games in this industry. Firstly, the design of the game is beautiful. If you are interested in historical architecture, it will be a great match. Because when you play this casino game, you will feel like to visit Egypt virtually. The game is not so easy because you will have five reels, which is somehow complicated. Moreover, having twenty paylines makes the game more excited. Furthermore, the game offers lots of free spins and other promotions which directly help you to win more. Another critical point for gamers is returning to player rate. And the ratio is above ninety-five percent in this game, which is more than most video slots

Gold Rush

It is another most famous game among gamblers because of several characteristics. Firstly, the background design and sound effects of Gold Rush are fantastic. Even if you are not lucky to win, you will still have a perfect time playing it. Moreover, if you are a risk-taker, you do not need to think twice about starting the game. Gold Rush is one of the casino slots which offer you to get double amount of your earning. The rule of getting it is straightforward. You will select a card within the game. If your selection is right, you will enjoy winning double prizes. However, in case of the wrong answer, you may lose all the winning amount. Furthermore, the return to player rate is more than ninety-six percent. It means that you will have many possibilities to win something at the end of the game.

Vegas Vacation

As you know, Vegas is one of the favorite places for the gambler from all over the world. However, visiting Vegas to play in a land-based casino is so costly. Therefore, not everyone can afford to pay a lot to go there. But you can feel the same atmosphere by playing Vegas Vacation. The game has retro style design, that will remind you of the old but gold times. So, design and music are so unique, which will touch your emotions. Moreover, in the standard version, you will have twenty paylines. But this number can go up after playing free rounds. You will also have many spins, promotions, bonus modes, which will make your winning chances go up. If you believe in that this game is for you, you can find it in Riversweep Platinium very easily. 

Magic 81

Developers designed this game for the people who want to feel the traditional casino games. Do not expect some new and extraordinary things from this game. Magic 81 has different types of fruits as symbols, which is so classic. Your total winning amount will change depending on the types of nuts. For example, if you can pair four big red, the overall betting size will be multiplied by one hundred sixty. It is the most significant amount of prize in the game. You will also enjoy some promotions within the game. This type of additions will help you to pass the stages rapidly. If you prefer traditional games to win more prizes, but do not expect fancy designs or music, Magic 81 is an excellent choice for you.

Mega Joker


This slot game is the one that offers the highest return to player ratio among all mobile slots. The rate is approximately ninety-nine percent, which is quite a considerable number. However, the design of the game is quite essential. So, if you like having fun rather than winning big prizes, this game is not for you. The general structure of Mega joker is also simple. There are three reels and five paylines that make the game much easier for the gamblers. Unfortunately, you will not have any free spins or additional bonuses in this casino game because of a higher RTP rate. The betting size is also so flexible. You can start having fun by just paying one Euro. It is quite a good deal for the players who do not want to risk more money. In short, you can earn a lot by playing this simple slot game.

Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly is one of the most famous table games that all of us used to play in the past. Therefore, Monopoly Big Event is the game that will remind us of the same past feelings. It is one of the best slot games, which contains five reels and twenty paylines. So, it is quite easy to understand the structure of the game. As mentioned in the above sentences, the background design of the game is like a monopoly. There are several special symbols in this game, such as Locked Wilds, Dancing Wild, etc. If you can find them, you will have more opportunities to go up quickly. The minimum bet size is only one point five Euro that is quite affordable for many players.

Moreover, another feature that differentiates this slot from others is high RTP. The rate is between ninety-six and ninety-nine, which gives stimulus to players. Furthermore, the game is one of the casino slots, which offers free spins, promotions, etc. besides higher RTP. So, all these factors prove that Monopoly Big Event is an excellent opportunity to win a more significant amount of money.

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