How to Find Best Paying Slot Machine

best paying slot machine

Often, new players have problems while deciding which slot machine to choose due to a confusing wide selection. Undoubtedly, every player dreams of a machine that gives out substantial winnings more often than other ones. How to choose the best paying slot machine satisfying your needs? We can immediately note that this is not an easy task to review. There are more than six hundred slot machines offered in an online casino. Before selecting the appropriate slot, you need to understand your intentions. It is crucial to understanding your goal of coming to a casino. Your aim may include winning a considerable amount of money. However, a lot of people want to simply use a slot as a way to get entertained. To help players save their time, we will mainly focus on highly dispersed slots popular all over the world in this article.

Xtra Hot Best Paying Slot Machine

best paying slot machine

This fantastic game is offered by novomatic and is available on Topslotreviews. What are the characteristics of one of the best paying slot machine? Firstly, before you start the game, you need to choose the number of pay lines from one to five. Then, using a BET button, you should choose a bet per line. Also, in Xtra hot slot machine there is such a useful button called Auto spin which automatically launches the reels.

However, in this mode, there is no possibility of a double game. Apart from this, there is a Max bet button, which allows you to automatically set the indicators to the maximum without dealing with it manually. The design of the game is attractive with its colorful background of bright purple color with a classic fruit theme. The symbol of the game is a yellow star which can be located in any cell of the drum. The more they accumulate at the same time, the more amount you can win.

Moreover, there is a possibility of a double game in this online slot. In this case, if the collected line turned out to be a winning one, it becomes possible for you to play a risk game. So, this game is created for double the points. Here, you have to find which card will appear in the field black or red. The more times you guess the card, the higher the multiplier becomes. The fruit theme was one of the first in the world of the gaming industry, that is why this slot will not leave you indifferent.


What is the dispersion?

best paying slot machine

First of all, the dispersion of a slot is a mathematical term that shows a deviation from the expected indicator. Directly speaking, it is a degree of your risk playing at a slot machine. For instance, if you engage in an online gambling slot machine with low dispersion, it should give you a small number of winnings. In case of high dispersion, there may be a crucial difference between the minimum and the maximum possible amount gained during the game. This is a good solution for players as some prefer to make small bets, and are quite happy if they get a small win, while others want to win a million and are ready to take risks. There exist three types of dispersion in online casino slots, including low, medium, and high.

Firstly, in low dispersed machines, winnings occur quite often, but the amount of cash reward is small. Secondly, in slots with medium degree dispersion, there is the same probability of getting both a large and a small prize. Finally, in slot machines with high dispersion winnings are rare enough, but it is possible to take massive and progressive jackpot. Note that if you play in a highly dispersive slot, you should understand the high risk during the game.

Secret Forest

One of the best paying slot machine offered at the Topslotreviews is a pleasant-running Secret Forest. The design of this casino slot is based on adventures in a mysterious world where there is a place for magic and fabulous discoveries. There are special opportunities, including some characters and mini-round that will help you. We can say that the features and parameters of the Secret Forest slot are quite standard. In this game, there are five reels, and they have vertical rotation.

Also, before starting your game, evaluate the chances of success, and put from 1 to 200 coins per spin. Moreover, prize combinations here appear from 1 to 9 lines. You can get rewards for combinations starting from three to five identical elements. Some detailed information about the odds is presented in the payout table of this slot. Due to the prize icons and possible features, it is profitable to play for money. By playing at real money slots, you can approach a jackpot of 9,000 coins. Also, there is a risk tour which is designed to double your prizes. Run the Secret Forest at Topslotreviews and fortune will not let you down. 

Heart of Cleopatra


Heart of Cleopatra is another best paying slot machine, with a focus on adventures in Ancient Egypt, has a rating of 8.5 on Topslotreviews. The Heart of Cleopatra machine is a classic casino game which has an incredible atmosphere of excitement. We can highlight the high-quality interface visualized using 3d graphics. Due to the cutting-edge 3D graphics, the actions take place in a maximum realistic atmosphere with an enchanted tomb of Queen Cleopatra.

Because of the design of the Heart of Cleopatra slot, you will have a feeling of a virtual time traveling. There are five reels in this casino slot and 40 slots paylines presented in the game. Also, the player can vary the number of current trajectories at his discretion. He does that using the control panel and choosing 1 out of 5 possible options for the number of lines. To win some rewards, you should have a combination which includes a series of identical characters in a row on the line starting from the left edge. In the case of thematic values, you should have at least a combination of 2 characters, and for car values three characters.

The symbol of the game is the wild sign, including the face of Cleopatra. To improve a profitable outcome, it replaces missing values ​​in combinations. Additionally, Cleopatra can form its combinations with quite beneficial multiplier factors. Ultimately, the presence of free spins and some functions with the calculation of additional factors will provide users an extraordinary atmosphere.


To conclude, keep in mind that this shortlist of the best paying slot machine with high dispersion is not a complete list of existing ones. However, there are many games which worth paying attention to. In high-dispersion slots, the main thing is to start the game with maximum caution.

Try to keep the attitude still responsible, and try to get maximum fun of the game. So, the best paying slot machine does not have any real secrets and based on several casino strategies mainly described in this article. However, remember that online casinos everything depends on a blind incident. Strictly speaking, slots work based on some mathematical calculations and use random number generators. Furthermore, all modern machines are in fair conditions for the benefit of players. It’s important for the reputation of the casino. All in all, we recommend you to carefully read the informational materials on the rules of playing online slots.


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