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Experience-wise, reliably having a few reinforcements for your PC records will spare you from heaps of entanglements. I needed to encounter having my PCs crash twice, causing me to lose all my crucial archives before I took in this exercise. You don’t wish that to transpire, would you?It is exceptionally straightforward that having the reinforcements of every one of your PCs on the system won’t require a ton of room on your plate so you should do that. Presently if a framework crashes, you don’t have to burn through loads of time on reestablishing your framework.

Infections and spy-product are additionally a principle risk to the security of your business, and alongside Internet Cafe Software it is ideal to set up and arrange both enemy of infection and firewall applications. Update them routinely (or set it to refresh rapidly), so you would have the most refreshed versions, since a wide range of individuals will visit all assortments of internet destinations, that contains things you never need to take a gander at on your PCs. Since it isn’t their PC, they will endeavor moving this trash to your circle.

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You can organize users in several groups and give them separate permissions. For instance, if a group of four people wants to play the slot game together, you can make this happen by connecting their devices and giving access.

You can enable drives per type in every device such as removable disks, internal hard disks, floppy, and more.

You can also create a virtual drive in every device so that users can save their data or even store them to come back and continue their operations, games, etc. You can disable external links so that users will only get access to a particular type of website.



Rate plans may vary according to your preferences. You can charge users differently by considering the time of the day or according to the duration, etc. For instance, you can create campaigns in time of the days where the number of customers is low and make the price for that time frame lower than the usual. For instance, you can create a rate plan that charges only 50% of the usual price for people who use your services from 12 pm to 8 am. By doing so, you will manage to attract customers even at night time if you are working 24 hours.


You can create a price list through River Monster internet cafe software so that users can foresee how much they would pay for services.



You can allow these actions in your cyber cafe by utilizing the River Monster internet cafe software


Changing permitted parameters


Work directory


Ending a session by themselves


Automatic search on approved applications


Execution of the allowed programs


Select band limitation for downloads and uploads


Delete all the personal information as the user end their session


Put firewall ports on searched keywords, IPs and URLs





This window consists of 5main parts, which can be utilized greatly for offering better service and completing full control over your internet cafe business. The first side is about registration data. You can provide a customer registration form in advance, which will include data about his/her residence or contact information. These aspects are significant for offering exclusive offers to loyal customers. The second side of the page includes documents. In this section, you can identify the document type of the user, such as the number, date, or issuing agency.


These are optional features that you can use. So, if the user does not want to share his/her document, then it is fine. The third section of the page is about the authentication of the users. You can utilize this section and specify if you want users to login with their anonymous name and password or if they can use a smart card for registration. It is solely used for safety purposes so that by any means, none of the users who came after can see, copy, or steal their sensitive information if the previous user accidentally forgot to delete that information.


In the fourth section, you can control the navigation and decide on services such as workstation use, printer use, or hotspot use. You are charging users differently for all these services, so it is a great way to classify them through this window. The fifth row is about workstation management. In this section, you can create a window in the main device from which you will be able to monitor all the actions that are taking place while using your internet connection.



This allows the café owner to analyze all the navigation sessions made by users. From the very beginning to the ending date, that workstation is being used, the web history of the search engines, and all that is shown separately for each session. You can export this data into text, HTML, or Excel format easily in one click. Besides that, you can keep track of recharges and printing sessions. In this case, you will have the data for all the printouts and recharges for various users. You can also look at the timeline and duration of those sessions.


Calls can also be tracked by this feature. You can clearly see the detailed list of made calls by customers. These tools are intended for the safety of your business and customers. So, make sure that you inform users about this before they use your services.





The workstations will have various statuses that are described in multiple colors


Not Enabled: For this one, the color will be grey. A workstation that is in this status cannot execute the explorer client navigation module. So, only Personal Computer type of workstations can have this.


Free: The color that is associated with this status is green, which means workstation is available for possible connection and can accept them.


Explorer Client not executed status happens when the PC is available, but the explorer client program is not working. The color that is associated with this status is olive green.


The red color on the notification bar means that the computer is busy and some customers are using the workstation.



This section of the internet cafe software is great for tracking the user’s balance. You can classify the customers as the ones that pre-paid, post-paid, or used a time-based plan. You can watch the balance column to see which users are over their time limit. For instance, if you see that the user’s name is red on the balance sheet, it means that he/she has a negative balance. In that case, they should either pay for a certain time frame that they intend to stay and play with the computer or pay the exceeding amount and leave.





By getting the River Monster internet cafe software, you will have seamless control over all the necessary aspects of your business. Whether you want to access the data from community computers or charge users for services, it is as easy as it gets with the River Monster cyber cafe software. As we go through the valuable features that this internet cafe software provides you with, it is evident that the high quality and smooth functionality of the software will help you to effectively execute your ideas regarding the cyber cafe.



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