Internet Cafe Software

GETKO is a software answers for the activity of an Internet Cafe, Digital Cafe, Gaming Center, Internet Center, or PC rental framework. Planned basically for charging Internet Cafe business and furthermore can be utilized to control the laptops on your intranet. Framework capacities and UI has been intended to be not difficult to use with practically no involvement with the PC business. The software permits you to set up different promoting plans for every client to browse.

GETKO is a Customer/Worker application that permits you to effortlessly oversee and screen all customer machines’ status distantly from the Worker online and progressively. Overseers can simply screen or deal with the things at customers simpler from the worker, like closure, reboot, Wake-up on LAN, power the client to log-out, see the running applications, Far off Virtual Work area, and so forth.

Internet Cafe Software

Looking to open your own internet cafe? Look no further! We provide you the best internet cafe software with hundreds of slot games.

Starting and running an internet cafe business is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! We have designed our cyber cafe software to help administrators and managers of internet cafes work efficiently and generate profit.

What We Offer

Before the emergence of cybercafe software products, cafe administrators’ job was way harder than it is right now. They had to write all the details about the session manually. They were writing down the start time, end time of the session, and keeping notes from other services that use user utilization during his—her time in internet cafes.

With the fully functional cyber cafe software, there is no reason why you need to complicate the process like that. Through our software, it would be easier for managers to take control of the platform. This software is designed for internet points, cyber cafes, gaming clubs, info centers, and so on. The availability of many interactive features makes it a multi-functional system.


BitBetWin Internet Cafe Software Offers Flexibility

Flexibility is one of those aspects that you need to have in order to provide great services and gain customer satisfaction. Our internet cafe software is not only designed to provide a timekeeper for you. Through this platform, users will control various programs and enter the internet without any complication.

They would be able to utilize different video games, print out the necessary documents, access the internet, make video calls, etc. If you are utilizing this option, you can charge clients differently per the service that they are using at that time. You can also change the availability of some programs and allow or restrict some of them in order to keep the internet speed high all the time.

Security Tools

As you are running a client-based business, security is the key to a variety of aspects. Customers enter personal details while making purchases online or entering their emails. Without having a secure platform, you cannot expect them to do so. In order to avoid further complications, you need to take this issue seriously and go with the software provider that offers premium security tools.

With BitBetWin internet cafe, you would manage to control your cybercafe platform and ensure safety for your customers. This system allows you to automatically clear the history of every computer after each session ends.


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