Internet Casino Bonus Rounds and How to Win

internet casino bonus

People all over the world play casino games for fun or entertainment. One of the most popular types among them is slot games. There are different reasons why slot games are player’s favorite. Online slots are straightforward to play, the rules are simple, and the most critical factor in the game to win is luck. Internet casino bonus is one of the essential features of these games that attract more people. So what are casino bonuses? How do you use them? In our article, we will look at the main types of internet casino bonuses and the characteristics of them. In the end, we will mention some of the best games that contain these types of casino bonuses.

What Is an Internet Casino Bonus?

As we see from the expression, an internet casino bonus is something that the game offers as an extra. Mostly you play the game in its terms, and if there are some extra features, it becomes even more fun. Now you can see that more and more top online casinos try to have these features. It is positive for the reputation of the game and attracts more players. 

Traditional slot machines that have three reels are effortless to comprehend, and the rules are necessary. You have to line up three symbols on a payline. After some time, it became too mainstream and a direct way of playing. That is why the game developers started to add some internet casino bonuses to their games. The purpose was to attract more people and keep them playing for a long time. Now online video slots have taken these bonus features to a different level. 

We should mention that bonus games can be very complicated. In some cases, people may see them as a new game in their own right. There are different ways to activate an internet casino bonus. In most cases, you should launch some scatter symbols on the same payline to trigger the bonus game. It is a matter of luck most times, but in some cases, you need a piece of skill. You need that skill to determine the amount of money you will win. There are some multi-level games in which you may combine some bonus features to multiply your wins. Now we will look at the main types of internet casino bonuses.

Free Spins

If we talk about the most common types of bonus rounds, we should mention free spins first. It is the leading internet casino bonus that comes to mind when you play casino games. There are hundreds of slot games with free spins available. That is why it becomes harder to determine which one to play. But one thing to remember: the game lacks a substantial positive if there are no free spins in the game. That is why the best slots almost compete in having more free spins. These free spins will spin around the reels. And there will be some additional wins, which will seem in your bankroll. 

internet casino bonus

In most cases, launching an internet casino bonus depends on landing the scatter symbols. So if you manage to land one or more of them on the central reels, you can activate the free spins rounds. Most modern games try to lead you into bonus rounds with some specific features. These features include the particular theme of the game, animations, and footages related to this theme. During the free spins round, your aim should remain the same. You have to land more scatter symbols to have a chance to qualify for the next bonus game. 

This internet casino bonus feature can be even more entertaining with the help of wild symbols because they can add up to your winnings in online slots.

Pick to Win 

This internet bonus feature is relatively straightforward. Another name of it is Pick them Bonus Games. It is all about revealing the prizes. In this bonus round, you have a chance to select one of the different options to reveal your prize. It can be in the form of a treasure chest that contains a variable coin amount. You can see the results at the end of the game. 

You can see different tips and tricks about this internet casino bonus feature. Because some games work differently in this bonus round. For instance, some of them allow the players to continue selecting boxes or icons. Once they do it, there are two possibilities. The players will either see “Game Over” or “Collect Winnings.” In some games, you have a chance to stop on the point you want and pick your winnings in the middle of the game. That is an internet casino bonus feature you will probably see in the top-rated online slots.

Progressive Jackpots

When we talk about internet casino bonuses, progressive jackpots are equally crucial as free spins. And probably this one is the most life-changing bonus round type among all others. Because you have a chance to get a huge prize that may change your financial situation in a day. Because they mostly contain millions of dollars and are the result of the network of several slot machines

The most popular type of them is Spin the Wheel bonus round. Some people consider it even a separate internet casino bonus feature. Here we will look at some of the best slot games with these bonus features.


This iconic slot game is one of the best in 2019. And it has everything you want to have in your favorite casino game. With 95 percent RTP, there are more than 150 free spins you might get. There are wild symbols and progressive jackpots in the game too. That is why, with all its characteristics, Cleopatra is one of the most popular casino games online. 


internet casino bonus

This game is one of the all-time favorites of players from the UK. There are five reels and twenty paylines that are average numbers for a slot game. There are different types of bonus rounds available in the game. You can reveal the multiplier in your free spins that can add to your winnings. Other than that, there is a gamble feature that can increase your winnings after every spin. So these internet casino bonuses make Zuma one of the most entertaining online slot games available. 


It is a perfect example of functioning bonus rounds in a popular casino game. There are free spins, progressive jackpot, and an additional “Go” feature. With the help of this one, you can play until you win and get your winnings multiplied by a certain number. This internet casino bonus is not a type that any experienced player would neglect. That is why you should appreciate the game if you come across the game and give it a try. 


After we have mentioned all the bonus rounds and the games that are popular for them, there is still something to consider. If you want to be a pro in casino games, you have to understand that the bonus rounds are just extras. And they are not the main criteria to review the game. Before you start to play the game, you should read the comments and opinions about them on online platforms. Check the RTP, reliability, and the other characteristics of slots before you go on with internet casino bonus features. So, keep them as an extra to your joy. 

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