Internet Casino Reviews – The Best and Worst Real Money Slots Of 2019

internet casino reviews

To begin, there exist a plenty number of online casino slots available for the gambling lovers. Due to the high demand of players and their needs, game creators are continually working to improve the provided features. Due to Internet casino reviews, more and more attention is paid to the representation of modern graphics and extraordinary storyline. To choose a reliable place of online casino, we recommend you to study and review the rating percentages of the casino. There are several features essential to form a safe establishment for the players. Such characteristics may include the speed and honesty of payments, the quality of software provided, and the responsiveness of the support service.

Try to give preference to online casino with high-quality service. We have reviewed the most popular real money slots and tried to determine the difference between them. In this article, we will share the information from our analysis so that you can make the right decision.


Internet Casino Reviews of 777 Disco Fruits

internet casino reviews

First of all, we would like to start with real money slots provided by the Topslotreviews online casino. Here, even sophisticated users can get surprised by the unique models of existing games and their quality. Disco Fruits is one of the good examples of a modern slot. The plot of this slot combines popular themes with fruits. Also, cheerful tropical tunes serve as a guarantee for you to have fun playing the game. As in ordinary disco party, the design of the Disco Fruits is based on a dance floor surrounded by spotlights.

Moreover, you can see palm trees and the ocean behind the scene, showing that you are at a tropical beach. Detailed graphics and the realistic animation will let you have an incredible atmosphere of a casino held in a pleasant place. Symbols of this slot include cherries, peaches, lemons, plums, grapes, watermelon, the number seven and the star. As a representative of a modern slot machine, Disco Fruits also has special symbols like wild and scatter. The first one is in the form of a sign with the corresponding logo Wild on it and is used as a symbol substitute. The second one is the scatter sign that can bring good winnings regardless of the position on the screen. 


Why do people choose this slot game?

internet casino reviews

To meet the needs of its users, this slot game offers six reels at once. There are five game lines in the machine, and their number does not change. Besides, to change the parameters of the game, the providers created a multifunctional control panel located at the bottom of the screen. You can see buttons Bet One and Max Bet to indicate the required bet. We advise you to press Paytable key before starting the game so that you know the basic rules and individual characters used in the trusted casino. Also, reward and prize combinations are made up of 3-6 similar characters.

To increase the chances of winning, you can use wild and scatter symbols designed precisely for that task. Apart from this, the players can get profits playing bonus games and using free spins provided by Disco Fruit. For gamers who like taking risks, there are games based on guessing principle. During this game, you have to guess the color of the closed card correctly, and if you did it right, your winnings would be multiplied by 2.




Columbus is one of the best and most exciting real money slots by the Novomatic presented on Topslotreviews. The design of the game is based on the theme of travel, and the main hero is a great explorer of distant lands Christopher Columbus. Users will meet extraordinary gameplay with a moderate number of lines, variable bets, and great bonuses like special signs, free spins, and risk rounds. You can take advantage of a risk round game. Here, you can switch to doubling mode of your earned reward. Also, users will surely be pleased to play for free, which makes it impossible to lose their funds in case of loss. According to internet casino reviews of 2019, Columbus slot is one of the favorite slots of gamblers.


What do we mean by the worst real money slots?

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Nowadays, the online casino is designed for players who seek to have fun. However, not all providers are ready to allow you to enjoy the gameplay and literally, have fun with them. You should understand that the owners of online casinos, as well as traditional land-based ones, look for ways to get profits from their business. Although they must do this in a way that players enjoy a fair and transparent game. Ultimately, when an online slot game runs out of its trust limit, it will get no more of a good reputation from the clients and be closed at the end.

We always give you upstanding advice to help you play in a credible and reliable online mobile casino with slot games. By following our recommendations, you can avoid some places which actively cheat players and steal their money. After analyzing Internet casino reviews, we can say that there are very few such sites, but they can completely make a player to hate online gambling if he becomes a victim of one of them. The problems may appear due to the owners who try to deceive their players, or the incompetence of the staff may lead to some negative consequences. So, in a case, if the issue becomes serious, the online casino loses the trust of customers and even have legitimate problems.

Slots Reviews

Some examples of such bad casinos include MarathonBet, Futuriti, and Casino Cruise. According to Internet casino reviews, these casinos providing users with online slots had some negative cases. For instance, there were some cases where the representatives of online casinos deliberately delay payments, which is one of the gross violations. After facing such situations, the customers put an indicator of dishonesty to this slot and avoid playing it. To summarize, in these casinos, players faced several problems including payment, game integrity, and poor customer support.

Users of the casinos mentioned above emphasize the importance of software in the online atmosphere. Another aspect proving the honesty of online casino is the presence of official software from existing providers. Today in the world, approximately 50 companies are engaging in the creation of game content. Therefore, to determine the authenticity of the software, we ask you to review and test the provided online slots. 


Summary of Internet casino reviews


Nowadays, more and more users are wondering where to play slot games. Everyone has a different goal, including diversifying leisure time or hitting the jackpot. Experienced players know that popular online casinos pay real winnings by providing several ways for financial transactions. However, part of the society remains against online casinos due to several factors existing in real money casino. We can emphasize that honest casinos with slot machines are no longer a myth, according to Internet casino reviews. To avoid cheating cases, we recommend you not to be lazy. You should spend some time studying the reviews of other users, and the ratings of casino experts. After that, you can easily invest in entertainment not only to enjoy a pleasant time but also get some money.

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