Legal and Ethical online sweepstakes

Create a web online sweepstakes advent calendar app in Facebook – every day a replacement calendar windows would open with an image of the brand’s Christmas products. Participants got points for clicking on the windows, sharing on their wall, joining list etc. At the top of every day a random winner would be selected from the pool of participants.

What was the foremost surprising was the very fact that the majority participants came from viral growth (shared links, which where tracked). Analysis showed that over 60% of all participants came from user generated shares. tons over people had over 25 “points”, meaning that that they had successfully invited quite 19 individuals!

These 2 examples are both very different from one another but they both show that online sweepstakes campaigns, when done right, work brilliantly. As a part of their success, both campaigns had on-going prizes for participants to stay interest alive . That momentum was key to success in both campaigns.
Because of the sheer amount of various possibilities on how you’ll run an online sweepstakes campaign and every one the various platforms and rules and regulations that accompany them it might be beneficial to use a specialized service or software for running the competition . Many choices exist, counting on your wants and wishes . Woobox. Contest Domination, OfferPop and Viral Sweep are samples of a couple of of them.

But, the name of the sport is your audience . the matter with having iPhones as prizes is that it’ll increase numbers, true, but that’s about it. Life-time value of these customers is on the brink of zero. And you’re after people that actually care about your product or service, not random freeloaders. With numerous online sweepstakes on the online , an excellent prize is way from enough to urge people to share yours. Encourage people to share by offering additional entries for liking, tweeting, or emailing.

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