List of Casino Games with the Highest Return Rates

Have you noticed the difference between low and high RTP casino games? Why is it important? As you probably know, Return to Player rate is one of the indicators that distinguish the best casino games from the rest. If you look at the list of casino games that have high RTP rates, you will notice that all of them have equally high quality. It is essential to play casino games that have higher RTP because this matter is working as the opposite of House Edge in casinos. That means if Net Entertainment tells us that Starburst has ninety-six percent RTP, then it means: house edge for the game is equal to four. This analogy helps us to define our odds of winning a particular casino game. In this post, we are going to discuss a list of casino games which has the highest return rates. 

List of Casino Games with Highest Return Rates

· Jungle 2

Jungle 2 is a unique slot game that has a ninety-nine point seven percent Return to Player Rate. That means, in the long run, this game will return almost one hundred percent of the initial deposits. Isn’t it impressive? Yes, it is; that is why we included this game on our list of casino games with the highest return rates. The game was released in two thousand six. The main characters of this slot are tropical fruits such as mango, orange, and tribal masks. 

As you can see, the story of Jungle 2 goes on in the natural habitat of Amazons. There are three reels and ten rows in this casino slot. The exciting side of the game is that players can play two independents reels at the same time in the same slot game. You will see a split-screen that shows two three-reel ten-row slots in Jungle 2. It has a low volatility game with one of the highest RTP rates ever. As a result, players can earn high rewards more frequently thanks to the return rate of the slot game. 

· Hot Chance

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Hot chance is an ideal choice for players that love classic style casino games. It is designed as a traditional retro slot machine game. Though, do not let the view to fool you because this game offers one of the highest RTP rates on the list of casino games. Rate starts at ninety-seven percent and goes up till ninety-eight point five. This game has the Hot Chance Feature, which enables this slot game to increase its own RTP rate. Besides, you will be able to double your winning by using this feature as a multiplier. There are three reels and three rows in this slot. You can find this fantastic game in Riversweeps Platinum and enjoy it. Just like any traditional slot game, the main characters of Hot Chance are fruits. You will notice cherries, oranges, grapes, lemons, and other slot fruits in the game. 

· Mega Joker 

Mega Joker is one of the fan-favorite online casino games. Just like Hot Chance, this game also features classic fruit slot machine design. It was released in two thousand thirteen by Net entertainment. There are three reels, three rows, and five pay lines in the game. RTP rate of Mega Joker can get as high as to ninety-nine percent. To reach that level, players need to trigger bonus features of the game. Casino players know the excitement of the big matches, and if there is one phrase that they love more than RTP is a progressive jackpot. One of the best characteristics of this game is that it has a progressive mode in which the pot can grow to become a million-dollar prize. 

· 1429 Uncharted Seas

1429 Uncharted Seas is an exploration slot that will entertain you with its cool interface and exciting story. Return to Player Rate of the game is ninety-eight point two percent. The design of this casino slot game will take us to the surface of the ancient world. In 1429 Uncharted, see you will have five reels and three rows to play the game. Besides, there are twenty-five different winning pay lines in the game. Overall, it is a very original game that helps players to earn high rewards through its return rate and rich bonus features. 

· Jackpot 6000

Jackpot 6000 is one of the best games that Net entertainment launched to this day. While having traditional slot machine game design, Jackpot 6000 has modern video game features in it. It is vital to play progressive slot games that have a high Return to Player Rates. RTP of Jackpot 6000 stands at ninety-seven point eight percent. There is a Super Meter feature of the game that makes it even more entertaining. When a player gets bored why he/she plays a slot game, they are activating this feature. By tapping to Super Meter, the player will slide into the bonus round. In this round, players will get six thousand coins for free, and the requirement is to gamble with those six thousand coins and to guess the results. You need to find the color of the joker if you want to win the prize and multiply your current rewards. 

· Dragon Seven

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With five reels and five rows, Play River Slot offers you excellent slot games. This game has unique features alongside its high Return to Player rate; that is why we decided to put it on this list of casino games. There are twenty flexible pay lines in the game, and its RTP equal to ninety-seven point four percent. One of the main characteristics of this slot game is accessibility. You can play Dragon seven by using your PC, Laptop, and Mobile device. Dragon seven does not require a high internet connection, and that is another advantage of this game that makes it so accessible. The bonus system of Dragon seven helps players to enjoy a variety of free spin, coin, and multiplier chances during the game. 

How is RTP calculated?

It is better to note that Return to Player Rate calculated for a long term period. So, It is not about per wager calculations. Casino games, especially slots, are using a Random Number Generator tool that is why results can be unpredictable. RTP calculated with a unique formula that looks like this: RTP=Total amount that returned to players/total amount of bet by players. 

What is High RTP?

  • High RTP= Ninety Eight Percent or above
  • Average RTP=Ninety Five to Ninety-seven percent
  • Low RTP= Ninety four point nine or low percent

The objective in casino games is to win real money; that is why we need to focus on aspects like RTP, Variance, and Hit Frequency to have a better shot at earning those prizes. Return to Player Rate plays a massive role in any casino game. Players need to be selective about this matter, and our recommendation is to play slots that have equal or higher RTP to list of casino games that we mentioned throughout the article. If you are fond of casino games with higher return rates, check those games out and enjoy your time. 

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