Online Slots Reviews: List of the Best Online Slots

slots reviews

Online gamblers are spoilt for choice when it comes to playing slot games. There are so many themes, bonus levels, and jackpots to choose from. The overabundance of options, begs the question: What are the best online slots reviews, and how to decide the right one? Every online slot machine has its specific characteristics like casino machine software, payout rate, theme, bonuses, and paylines. The significant point to keep in mind is that online casinos also take into account online casino players’ preferences. This makes some features stand out when deciding on a particular casino game. 

For players who are new to online casinos, pertinent questions about choosing the right slot can be easier said than done. To add to the complexity, the variety of online casino games available at ease makes it a hit of miss decision. With in-depth online slots reviews, players have access to comprehensive real-time information about the best slots. What it boils down to is that online gamblers would be aware of what to look for in a slot machine.

Online slots also have a progressive jackpot for players to win more. Before starting to play any game, it is necessary to read the instructions carefully and understand the paytable of the slot game you are about to play. The paytable explains the working mechanism of a slot machine.

Types of slots by our online slots reviews

Online slot games are relatively simple to understand. There are only a few ways to classify online slots. The first is the number of reels of a slot machine. Classic slot machines have three reels, while online slot ones use these reels just for show, which are only video screens. But modern slot machines use five, six and seven reels. As a result of technological developments of many years, slots have changed dramatically in terms of design, winning combinations, and working mechanisms. Now there are classic, progressive, video, and 3D slots.

How to know the best online slots

Slots are one of the best casino games because of their variety and potential winnings. Therefore, determining which slot is fairer and amusing is a real dilemma due to the great diversity of online slots. Aside from them, different software providers can affect the mechanism of these slots by forming new and various winning combinations, as well as the number of reels. The following features can be a simple handbook for online slots reviews, meaning that what the best online casino slots are:

  • Have the best odds and highest payouts
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Slot machines
  • Bonuses
  • Free spins
  • Volatility of slots

slots reviews

To play any slot, first, you need to be aware of a few fundamentals behind a slot machine. For example, Carousel is a term for a group of slots, usually in an oval or circle formation. In addition to these terms, popular slots today have an advanced slot machine software called RNG-random number generator. To beat slots, you should grasp the working mechanism of this software first.

Additionally, Return to Player-RTP is the way to estimate the amount of payment returning to players, and it considers this payment to every unit gambled progressively. Casino statistics use a percentage value to express RTP, and it is always below 100%. To make clear, if you play a slot with RTP of 94%, the difference between 100% and this RTP is called the house edge that is equal to 6%. It means that the machine wins 6% of each unit wagered on average and over millions of spins. Slot machines with RTP closer to 100% are usually called loose slots, whereas others with low RTP are termed tight. Slot machines are generally programmed to pay out as winnings 82% to 98% of the money that players wager.

Top four online slots in 2019

Even though there are a lot of options to list the best online slots, our online slots reviews help casino players to make the right choice about that. Here, the key points are the most popular slot machine, high payout, and enormous jackpots.

Wheel of Fortune

Although this game has the same name as a television show, the game has very little in common with the show itself. This game suggests high jackpots on a 5-reel slot and great bonuses to give players more chances to win. Additionally, frequent payouts, a fun theme, and unique design make this game attractive and better, among others, although there are some negatives. For example, the number of base payouts can seem higher, and the game itself is confusing at first. Not all players can fancy the theme of the game. Wheel of Fortune has the jackpot amount of 250,000 dollars, which are so mind-blowing. 

Here, the positive side is that it is fixed regardless of the coin size you are playing. The payout percentage of the slot is 96.6%, while the maximum wager is equal to 25 dollars. The game is a video slot, which uses IGT as the software. While this slot includes 720 ways to win, it is possible to see that most wins experienced within a standard game have low value. Some gains at the end of the scale are only worth 20% of your original bet.

Thunderstruck II

There are some reasons to play this online slot. This online slot is based on the Nordic gods and their powers, as in the original one. The newly added symbols include several figures, such as a Viking ship, Thor’s Hammer from Nordic culture. While the five-reel appearance is the same as that in the original game, traditional paylines are no longer existent. Instead of these paylines, the software of this online slot Microgaming implemented 243 ways to win, meaning that there are 243 winning combinations. The maximum payout is 300 dollars, and the maximum wager is 25 dollars, whereas the jackpot amount is equal to 120,000 dollars. The payout percentage of this online slot is 96.65%, with free spins and bonus rounds.

Triple Diamond

slots reviews

This slot, which was created by IGT in 2015, is a simple game that online casino players love. This slot offers some huge chances for players to get maximum winnings. However, there are no bonuses, mobile apps, and different symbols that are repetitive, making the game so annoying for players. But it is an excellent choice for players who love classic and straightforward slot. Aside from that, there are no complicated graphics and animations that some consider annoying. The best side of this game is the jackpot of 1199 wager and the total stake. For this, you should line up three of those all-important Triple Diamond symbols. The payout rate is 95.06%, with nine paylines and the maximum wager of 1000 dollars. You can also play this slot through your tablet or mobile devices.

Wizard of Oz

This online slot, which is a game that is based on the same name as the movie was created by WMS(William Interactive). The main features of the slot are that it is a classic slot with three reels, 30 paylines that means you have 30 ways to win, and the maximum wager is150 dollars. Here, the maximum payout is 50000 dollars, which is also the amount of jackpot that is not a progressive one. Players can play this game through their mobile devices having Adobe flash player. That is why this game is among our online slots reviews.

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