Play Riverslots At Home

With River Play-at-Home, visitors to sweepstakes stores and arcades can use their mobile device to play promotional games, during a single, easy-to-use, branded mobile app. The technology integrates one player account created inside the shop with multiple devices.

River Play-at-Home creates new opportunities and choices for play with every storefront visit, resulting in additional revenues and an enhanced relationship with customers. Your customers play = you create money even when your store is closed! The River technology supports iOS (Apple) and Android devices like smartphones and tablets.

River Play-at-Home solution comes with a comprehensive Point-of-Sale system, including cashier management, reports, jackpot and bonuses management and lots of more. Secure, reliable and compatible with any sort of device, like Pcs, smartphones, tablets and mobile POS terminals. Player account may be a unique 12-digit number which hold information about player and cash balance. Once it’s created inside a physical store and loaded with money, your players are ready to play from any device connected to the web , but make purchase and redeems only at a physical store where account was created.

River sweepstakes cafe system is a web platform including an entire set of about 70 high quality casino type games and powerful management tools. If you’ve got questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to supply you with information which will help you!

Riverslot Internet Cafe gaming software solutions are designed to explain the results of the arrangement make the experience of each player to the greatest extent. The company, therefore, supports the gaming content of third parties by the play with most devices without installation of various applications. Riverslots casino games are one of the best of best. An active approach to Internet Cafe Software from Riverslots Casino presents an opportunity for players to retain interaction and cultivate their corporate strategy. It claims to be modern with its state-of-the-art gaming software, and the corporation knows how to make every customer comfortable to start their gaming journey. Internet-enabled POS tool from Riverslot simplifies the procedure with a user-friendly approach.

The Riverslot team also views Even the latest slots, roulette, keno, video poker and blackjack for different markets. River slot game set, available in an online casino and on mobile devices, can feature unique features and incredible effects that make gameplay the real masterpiece. Riverslot casino software installation does not require complicated setup or expertise. The Riverslot team seeks to develop useful remedies that produce as many features as possible.

The company provides unique software solutions for the development and maintenance of cross-platform format for various types of gambling shops and internet cafes. Riverslot is one of the leading manufacturers of online gaming platforms with high potential. Gaming content submitted to casino vendors is continually updated to provide them with the unique set of games noted by the high-quality approach.

Riverslot needs to prioritize building sustainable vendor collaboration. This is precisely why the company created a skilled team of highly qualified professionals willing to explore and risk achieving the best results. Established in 2008, Riverslot internet cafe gaming Software Company meets the high standards of ever-increasing gaming industry requirements. Riverslot creates a single set to meet the needs of each customer by developing the newest gaming solutions.

For various types of betting shops and cyber cafes, the company provides individual software solutions for developing and maintaining cross-platform format. Riverslot is a leading manufacturer of high-potential online gaming platforms. Casino vendors are constantly updating the gaming content proposed to provide them with the most creative set of games noted by the high-quality approach.

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