Always Hot

Do you love the faster gameplay experience when playing online slot games? “Always Hot” will perfectly suit your need for speed and is no coincidence that it is one of the most famous slot games. It is a little different from other slot games with the rare exception being the 3×3 reels and nine possible paylines. Slot games with at least 4×3 designs have become relatively commonplace. However, Always Hot small gameplay design will let you play the game faster and earn more. You will play quickly because the interface of the game is simple. The main challenge is to convert your real money to coins, choose the bidding amount, and spin the reels. There is no adjustment on the number of paylines that usually exist in many slot games. There is not also following risk games or different types of additions to the main structure.

You have the possibility to earn more money in the “always hot” slot game. Total possible winning combinations are comparatively lower when compared to other slot games. However, the game satisfies players with a higher reward amount. The lowest winning value is 8x of your bidding value which is a good deal when we compare with other slot games. Software developers have provided players with a higher return to player ratio. This feature will let you earn more money per enough amount of spinning. But be careful about volatility. Because sometimes the algorithm of the game pays out winning less frequently. It may increase the gap between two winning spins.

How Always Hot works?

The game has a traditional slot design with fruit characters. These fruits are watermelon, grapes, oranges, plums, lemons, and cherry. Watermelon gives the highest winning among the fruit symbols as usual. This winning is 20 times of your bidding. The following rewards are 16x and 8x. The lowest price is eight times your overall bidding. There is an additional bell character which also gives 16 times of your bidding. The most valuable symbols of the game are a star and 7. Three stars in a row will increase your win amount to 30 times your bidding in one spin, and this is still not the highest because three 7 symbols in one row will earn you 40 times your bet, which is the best paying combination in this game.

Double symbols in each reel may confuse you initially. But it is just a specific design of “always hot” slot game. The actual structure contains three rows and three reels, as we have mentioned before. Nine different characters have used in the game in total, but none of them is a wild symbol. Wild exist in many popular slots, and it has a bridge role among the two same characters. However, we do not observe such feature in this slot.


What is playing hints

As we mentioned before, the always hot slot game has a higher return to player percentage, but also high volatility. Therefore, you may use some special online casino tricks to be successful in this game. Initially, you should be careful in your bidding value. The golden rule for all slot games is also valid for this slot. Nobody can guess the behavior of any slot game until spinning the reels at least 20 times. It always differs from one game experience to another. 

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