Buffalo Thunder

Online casino games are very entertaining. There are many kinds of them, such as keno, poker, baccarat, and slots. In this post, we will talk about a slot game that is called Buffalo Thunder. This game is about mystic animal Buffalo and its adventures. In the following paragraphs, you will be able to see the main characters, gameplay, design, and exceptional features of the game. 

Design of the Buffalo Thunder

Buffalo thunder is the slot machine game that is about the story of wild Buffalo. Just like in many slot games, this game is consisting of five reels and forty pay lines. The atmosphere is unique in this game. You will feel the vibe of wild nature while playing this fantastic online Stargame. The main character of the game Buffalo is getting a place on Great Plains. Green grass, most native natural habitats, are all described in this game very adequately. 

You can see the Butte on the backside of the screen, which makes the visual of the game unique. The story of Buffalo is taking place in western America. The visuals and casino sound effects are all related to that. If you keep a closer look, you will see that reels in the game framed by rustic stone. This online slot game design feature is describing the western American jungle lifestyle. All of these components are together, creating an accessible and exciting slot game. 


As we talked about the design of the Buffalo Thunder, so let’s give more information about the gameplay. The storyline of this online casino game is exciting. This story starts with the White Buffalo, who is digging the dirt. Alongside that, you can see many creatures in this game. For instance, there is another buffalo that is turning its horns to a screen. The main character in this game is Buffalo, but there are many animals and objects that you will encounter. 

For instance, you will see a wild icon, the lizard, which is crawling on the rocks, the brown Buffalo, etc. That brown buffalo character is described very realistically in this slot game. While looking at it, you will be terrified of him because it is looking so angry. Before the advancement of technology, slot machine games were not such realistic as current video slots. This generation has the chance to try and explore this kind of fun game. 

Description of the game

The main symbol of the game is Buffalo, which is the highest paying character in the game. You can replace this icon while playing, though it is only available for replacement with mask scatter style. Mask also scatter a significant symbol in this Buffalo Thunder online slot game. Its estimated award is equal to one thousand credits if you can match all five reel symbols with it. If you could not manage to do that, there is a chance at winning also when you match three or four of the symbols. For instance, the four same symbols will give you two hundred credits while managing only to match three of them will be awarded forty credits. 

The rules of the game are very similar to the classic slot games. The five reels are turning, and you will have a chance to stop them whenever you want. In Buffalo Thunder, there are many symbols. For instance, the Letters A, K, Q, J, Tribal mask scatter symbol, white and brown buffalos, Lizard shadow, and eagle shadow are some of them. If you are interested in storyline slot games, you need to check this game out immediately. The exciting story of the Buffalos is waiting for players. Thank you for reading. 

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