Coin Dozer

As a gamer, you probably want to earn some valuable gifts while using your electronic devices. If it is applicable for you too, please, be careful because this game will completely fit your interests. Making a profit will be quite an easy thing for you if you start playing Coin Dozer. It is one of the best choices for gamers who have a strong passion for playing coin pushing games.

The format and design of the game are so engaging, which will allow you to feel so comfortable. For instance, the developers selected colors in a specific way that helps you to enjoy the game. Another general characteristic of this game is a simplification. If you compare Coin Dozer with any other slot games from the same category, it does not require too much concentration. However, this point does not necessarily mean that you will get bored very quickly. According to the active players, this game is quite attractive, which will trigger them to play for several hours each time.

How to play the Coin Dozer game?

As you already get familiar previously, the game is so well-known because of user-friendly settings. Simple guidelines and rules are some of the most crucial factors for the players to select Coin Dozer. Before starting one of the most addictive and joyful slot games, you need to install it in a few seconds. First of all, to begin the game, you need to put coins upwards by clicking the “Tap here” button, and then the adventure starts. Your main goal is to make as many baskets as possible in the direction of the arrow. The arrow will be visible once you start the game. However, there is a possibility that the coins will fall from the left or the right sides. It is so evident that you will try not to let it happen because doing it will not give back to you anything.

There is a level menu on the upper side of the screen. If you can make successful baskets, your level will go up. As a result, the width of the wall will decrease. So, there will be a lower probability of falling the coins from the sides. That is what you need to reach. On the left side, you will see the “shake” function. If you play Coin Dozer a lot, the “shake” will be in red. Then you will click it which will let you make many successful baskets in one try.

Wide variety of coins

Different types of coins will help you to gain more bonuses. For instance, the “Giant” currency is almost the same as the “shake” function.” Another feature of the game is to purchase some items to increase your chances of winning. You can use “Dozer Dollar” to buy coin walls or boxes of prizes. These new things will help you to go further in Coin Dozer. You will be able to upgrade your level by falling down “Bonus XP.” There is also a “Silver Burst” coin which allows you to convert all gold coins into silver ones.

Some strategies for new players

Several strategies may help the newcomers to adapt to the game. One approach is to drop four coins at the same time as the shape of a square. Furthermore, you can also drop four coins in a row as a line. Both strategies help the players to make a lot of right shots. As a result, there will be a quite huge amount of chances to win more and more awards or gifts in Coin Dozer. Above mentioned strategies are not the only ones that active online slot gamers use very often. You can generate your specific plan very quickly and define which one is more comfortable for you.

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