Commonly, slot games may have a specific theme. It can be related to an event, ceremony, tradition, even a whole culture. Freibier is one of them, probably one of the most famous ones. People who are interested in German culture have heard about Octoberfest. And this slot game is all about this festival and beer, which is the most famous drink in Germany. 

There are standard five reels in this slot game. However, paylines are more than average- forty. People who play this game should know that there is a possibility of winning nearly 1000 times more than their bet. Considering the offers of other casino games, these are huge numbers. And gamers who do not want to let the chance slip will immediately give Freibier a try. 

This online casino game offers plenty of free spins, which makes the game addictive. Free spins are like a necessity for the slot games, so the more you have, the more gamers you attract. 


Germans celebrate Octoberfest every year. And it brings them together for the aim of what they consider one of the best things in life. Of course, it is beer. This slot machine is available for free playing without any download needed. At online casinos, people can play Freibier for real money prizes and bonuses. It offers gamblers to enjoy their favorite game and to fill their pockets with real cash. If they play for real money, there is a wide variety of bets available. For example, you can place from 1 to 40 paylines which are on the reels. There are limits to the credits that gamers can play with, which start from 40 to 8000 credits of maximum. People who have affection for high ceilings will love to play in Freibier.

And each symbol in the game is unique and attention-gripping. People who value the design and the visuals will also like Freibier, no matter how unlucky they can be in the game itself.

After you bet your money, you start to spin the reels. There is always a hope that you will end up seeing the kind of combination that brings you a win. Over the paylines, icons should match in a way that your bet brings you success. And if this happens, there will be an award for a line bet multiplier. Line bet with the highest prize is 1000x, which is the combination of five women symbols. 

Beer in Freibier

People may have an impression like the winners sometimes get beer or food as a bonus. But that is not the casino games are about. They are about winning or losing real money, and trusted online casinos follow the monitoring of these processes. There will be some bonus boosts to help them achieve their goals. On three reels in a row- from second to fourth- there are a number of some wild symbols. The slot machine features them to show the reels that have the most potential to complete the winning lines. The “untouchable” icons in Freibier are the beer barrel scatters. You can not even replace them with wild symbols. The number of scatters also affects the number of free spins. If you have three scatters, you will win 12 free spins. If you have five scatters, the number of free spins will be twenty, and so on. 


Maybe Freibier is a little bit different slot game for many people for the design and central theme. But if you want to unwind with some easy-to-understand video slot spins, this may be the best game for you. Even without a straightforward sense of adventure, Freibier is fun to play. 

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