Gold Records

Slot games are one kind of casino game. This type of casino game was popular since brick and mortar casinos started offering them. From that time, many things have changed and evolved. One of the improvements was technology. New advanced technology leads to the burst of online casino platforms. Nowadays, people are going to internet cafes instead of land-based casinos whenever they want to play casino games. In this post, we will discuss a slot game named Gold Records. What is this game about? How to play it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? What about bonus campaigns? All of these questions will briefly be answered through the post. After reading this, you will know the most relevant information about the Gold records slot game. 


Gold records is an online casino slot game. This game is dedicated to the great musician and rock star Elvis Presley. On the home page, you will see the picture of Elvis Presley after starting to play. This game is very creatively designed and fun to play. If you like slot games and got bored with the games that you are currently playing, you can check this game out. Just like classic slot games, Gold Records has five reels and four separate rows to operate. How can you win in this game? To succeed in this game, you need to match at least three images out of five. Those symbols should be in the active line for you to win the game and bonuses. 

Design of Gold Records

After you start the game, you will see the main screen which splits into two parts. Those parts are drums and control or setting panel. On the settings panel, a player can do a variety of things. For instance, if you want to change the number of lines, or the size of the bet that you deposited, or use the auto game, you need to use this panel. Which way is profitable for you? To get higher prizes, it is better to use the combinations placed on the far left side of the page. In most of the slot games of famous online casinos uses this trick and many players did not have information about that. In this game, you will see that there are ten active lines. It is a very adaptable system and customer friendly interface. By saying that, I meant you have the choices regarding some critical issues in a slot game. You can check and change numbers of the lines and amount of bets as much as you want. This feature is not common in many online casino slots; that is why Gold Records is one of the best slots in the gaming industry. 

How to play?

It is effortless to play this slot game. If you ever try to play slot games, you know that rules are straightforward. You need to match a certain number of symbols to get the money. However, the logos and deposits are differing from game to game in Gold Records, the winning percentages calculated according to the total number of bets. There are prize combinations in this game that you can earn by choosing between two color cards. It is a little bit dangerous to play this game because there is a fifty percent chance that you will lose all the earnings. However, the excitement of this slot game is felt in those moments the most. 

Design of the game

There are different symbols in this game, such as the ordinary ones and special ones. The regular logos are numbers and letters. While special symbols portrayed as Elvis Presley image, Cadillac, Elvis Presley sunglasses, boots, etc. Overall Gold records are enjoyable to play, and you can try it in the future. 

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