Golden Fruit

For the online casino game lovers, slot games are like the most brilliant part of the fun. That is why game developers and online casino companies take time to create high-quality slot games. They attract millions of players all over the world, and there happen billions of transactions every day. Golden Fruit is one of them, which has become very popular in recent years. Professional players understand how amazing it is to have old school vibes in the casino games. The structure of the game with gameplay, which includes classic fruit machines will give players a sense of nostalgia. 

There are 11 paylines that are on three rows. Game Fruit is a five-reel slot game, which attracts the players year by year. Based in Germany, a large and equally famous gaming company KGR designed the title and very successful one. 

The game is straightforward and fun to play. For the structure of the sets of this nature, you will find it attractive. From left to right there are 11 winning lines, and all the wins start from the left reel. The payout statistics are essential for the reputation of online casino games. And Golden Fruit can be proud of its numbers which makes it a very trusted online casino. The average payout of the game is more than 95 percent. 

Symbols in Golden Fruit

Like the gameplay, the layout is also straightforward. Above the reels, we see Golden Fruit written in gold lettering, which captures attention easily. And we can not talk about the sophisticated graphics of this online casino game, because there is no need. Red, black, and yellow colors are dominant in the background. The general controls are below the reels. They are Bet, Total Bet, Start, Autostart, and so on, which you can activate by pushing the necessary buttons. And another important factor is to keep track of your balance. Golden Fruit delivers in this. Because of the simple layout of the game, it is pretty easy to monitor what you have earned or lost. 

When it comes to the main symbols of the casino game, they are classic too. These symbols include watermelons, grapes, lemons, cherries, bells, oranges, and others. 

The payouts of Golden Fruit is also generous and fair; that is why players stay for a long time. Value symbols differ among the fruits. For example, blackberries, lemons, and oranges are the lowest value symbols. The watermelon and grape symbols are the same too, but higher than mentioned three. The highest value symbols are golden seven and the golden bell.


There are different modes in Golden Fruit like the others, but one of them captures the attention more. It is the gambling mode, which depends on your results so far. If you hit the win, you will get the gamble mode open. 

There are simple rules in this mode. There will be a stack of cards available for you, and you will have a chance to increase your prize. For instance, if you are lucky, you can double or even quadruple your recent win. And there are two choices for you.

If you want to double your win, here will be some cards drawn from the deck. And you should bet on the color, which will be either black or red. Trying to quadruple your current win in Golden Fruit is a little bit complicated. There will be suits- spades, clubs, hurts, and diamonds, like in the classic poker game. You will try to guess the type of suit, based on your intuition of yourself. But here is a reminder: if you lose in gamble mode, you lose all your current win. As you know, this is all the casino games are about.

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