Magic 81

Magic 81 is a fruity slot machine that offers an organized set of symbols ready for spinning. This game suggests its players some juicy winnings that contain four reels with AllPay and 81 ways. Magic 81 is considered to be a simple gamble game that comprises of traditional icons, features, and gameplay. However, its AllPay slot with four reels stimulates astonishing Twist sums on its player accounts. When the “Magic 81” symbol becomes a part of the winning combination, raining Twists are activated, and players receive 2x to 8x to their regular win. The primary purpose of this game is to land five matching symbols side by side through the reels. There are not any predefined winning patterns within the game, but winning lines run from the left to the right. When three matching symbols land on the first, second, and third reels, the player wins.

Game Rules

Magic 81 has a number of payout and betting rules. The maximum bet for the session implies available credit on players’ accounts, and making a deposit on it is impossible. The minimum bet for round and maximum bet for the round are respectively 0.20€ and 50€. The highest amount of money a player can get out of this online slot is 5,000€.

Game structure

You need to select the amount of money to play with from the start of the game until the end. Then you need to choose individual game settings and finally begin the game. In the ‘Bet’ section you can decide the bet for your next rounds which you cannot change in the free games. The paytable section of Magic 81 helps you see the overview of your winnings where the winning opportunities are calculated based on your stakes.


“Start” click triggers a spin and begins your game.

“Autoplay” click starts a specific number of consecutive automatic spins. When this click is activated label of the button changes to “stop.” You can stop the autoplay function on mobile devices by tapping on it again.

Clicking on “stop” ends the automated spins.

“Gamble” click starts the slot game. After you win a round, the gamble button appears in the game. You play the gamble game, and your win is doubled, but if you lose this game, you also lose all your winnings. There are 1:1 chances that you can increase your winnings.

“Collect” button appears after you win a game. Clicking on this button adds all of the round winnings to your balance. It is better to click the “collect” button if you don’t intend to bet all your game winnings at the gamble game.

Playing Magic 81

Magic 81 is one of the most popular casino games for single player and falls into the slot machines category. When the players enter the game, they start a so-called session, also known as gaming sessions. Therefore, every session is a distinct and independent game which means that previous game sessions do not have any influence on players’ current gameplay. Every game starts when the gamblers place their bet and always end when they leave the application. It means current game sessions end after leaving the application and it is not saved for future gameplay.

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