Sizzling Gems

Sizzling Gems is an exciting online slot by Novomatic company. While enjoying this free game, players will observe shining symbols, diamonds, and lots of bonus features. The game offers standard and straightforward rules with amazing graphics and excellent prizes. It is a standard five-reel online slot with the same number of active lines. The players cannot change their names while playing. However, you could change the vet size, which varies between eight and two thousand for a single line. The maximum amount of bet size per round is ten thousand. Other than regular symbols, there are both Scatter and Wild symbols. Players will also experience the gambling feature while playing. There are three rows in the game. If you want to get the winning combination you need to hit at least three similar symbols. 

The symbols should be next to each other in the active line. Like in other online video slots, the highest combination in each chain will be the winning one. You can collect the prizes and leave the game. Or you could test your luck and try the gambling feature. In the gambling game, everything is traditional. You should guess the color of a given card. If you manage to guess the right color, you will double your winnings. However, if you could not imagine it correctly, you will lose the bet amount. The game will allow you to play it several times. But note that there is a limit and it depends on your bet size. That’s why it is better to keep bet amount high so that you could have many chances in the gambling round.


The symbols of Sizzling Gems online slot are mainly fruits and berries. There are two special symbols that help players to increase their earnings. These symbols are Wild and Scatter. Golden seven is the Wild Symbol of the game. And the Scatter symbol is a golden star. Now we would like to mention several things about these elements. 

The Wild symbols help the players to form the combination of four, three, or five characters. At the same time, it replaces other symbols (except the Scatter) during the play. On the other hand, Scatter also helps to form combinations. At the same time, it is different from other symbols because of its independence of active lines. Note that you will not see progressive jackpot while playing Sizzling Gems online slot

Sizzling Gems Interface

We will not use long descriptions for the functions of each button in the slot machine. It has an excellent user interface with multi-language support. Therefore, each player can easily understand the meaning of each button. When you click the play button to start a game, you can stop it by clicking the same button. Also, you can make the spin even faster by double-clicking that button. A double click may help you to transfer money to your account more quickly. There are two pages for the payment table. The first one is about the description of rules, and the second one is about the combination indexes. If you want more information, you could click the Help button. 

Players can change the background and other sounds. At the same time, it is possible to select the screen size. Like other online casino games, Sizzling Gems also offers two playing options. You could choose automatic or manual play. Before starting the programmed play, you need to select the bet amount and then click the button. The autoplay game will continue until you stop it. Overall, the game will not require additional plugins or downloads. You can play Sizzling Gems directly from your browser. 

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