Spinning Reels

There are different kinds of slots out there, but few of them can make a player feel like a real-life gangster in his prime. Spinning Reels takes the player on a hero’s journey back into the old days of the Wild West. When bloodthirsty cowboys and gunslingers were always in a race to get a bit of bounty money.

The Stallion Gaming casino game development team developed this adventurous slot game. The team has put in the work and professionalism necessary to bring out the experience of an exceptional online casino slot game. While playing Spinning Reels, gamblers will not only have a lot of fun but are promised some great wins too.


Players are delighted with a mix of retro design and high tech time machines which are fruit characters capable of transporting players through time to the expected destination of Chicago’s dark streets. Where lies a radiant casino and a jazz bar. Perhaps this explains the beautiful surround sound and background music.

As the name implies, Spinning Reels comes with several free spins, just for the enjoyment of gamblers. Some have used this chance to win their jackpot, and you could be next. The game was designed to be played as a standard android game. Therefore the overall interface and layout follow that of other typical android casino games.

You can find the number of lines at the bottom of the layout. The click of a button controls the choice to start or stop spinning. The game displays the total number of wins and the number of entries. The three-reel combination is made up of different kinds of fruit, including pears, berries, watermelon, plums of all varieties. Gameplay in the Spinning Reels is determined by the result of the spinning of the three reels. 

Increase your chances

Once a line is completed after a spin, the play gains a point. One diagonal or horizontal line of plums, berries or any fruit would award two hundred points to a player. For instance, after a spinning session, your three reels combination give you one horizontal line of watermelons and one diagonal line of watermelons, you get four hundred points. But this is not all.

Players can win more significant scores. You are awarded more points when you at least obtain seven same fruits. The higher your spinning score in the Spinning Reels, the greater your chances of receiving free spins. With these, your chances of a higher payout are significantly higher.


Features of Spinning Reels

Also, you can make use of your money and get bonus spins when you choose the right reels. There are several other features and addons in the Spinning Reels for players to enjoy. Some of these are as follows.

Multi players

Family and friends were not left out during the design of the Spinning Reels. You and your friends can experience such fun and exciting time online through this fabulous casino game’s multiplayer feature. It makes the games so much more worth playing.


Smooth Controlling

Several different aspects of the game are subject to user control and adjustment. You are therefore assured of a personal experience when playing the Spinning Reels. Whether you prefer sound or not, the choice is yours to make. Just by the touch of a button.

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