Totally Wild

Jungles are one of the most devastating places in the world. They are sometimes dangerous but yet so beautiful. We have seen a lot of movies about jungles and “Totally Wild” takes place in those jungles — wild animals, the natural habitat of those juggles interests many people, so if you are one of those people, you need to play the game called “Totally Wild”.

What is Totally about?

First of all, after clicking and starting this game, you will feel the nature and the vibe of wild jungles. This slot machine game has a unique design and features. It is not like any slot machine software games that you have been encountering with till now. Flora and fauna of the wild jungle will take your breath away after starting this game. Do you know the king of the jungle? Which wild animal rules the jungle? While you are guessing, let us answer. The primary character of this game is a wild Jaguar. Have you ever visited the jungle? Many people think that it is not safe to go there and explore the wildlife. Thanks to the “Totally Wild” game for this amazing opportunity. Now, you have a chance of going to the jungle and exploring its flora and fauna while earning money and taking advantage of it. 

How is it played?

Unforgettable memories are waiting for you, immediately start playing “Totally Wild” before it is too late. This slot game has an impressive design that captures the eyes of all players. There are many charters such as crazy monkeys, lions, toucans in this game. You will notice that there are waterfalls around the jungle. The sound effects are so realistic that you will feel a comfortable vibe that waterfall creates around itself. Popular slot games always have that kind of visual effect, which makes you feel energized. 

To play this game, you need a basic knowledge of slot games. Have you ever tried them? Do you enjoy it? This game is worth trying. You will never get bored with wild jungle life, especially when you are getting offers such as free spins and bonus codes. Rules of this game are simple, just like any other video slot machine game.

The main symbols in this game are the numbers like ten, nine, letters like J, A, B, Q, and wildlife habitats. Who are they? The crazy monkey, the amazing Toucan, King of the jungle jaguar, and many more. There are five reels and three rows in this game. You can see the spin button in the middle of the main screen. Total played rounds, and the pay lines are on the left corner of the starting button. On the right side, you will see entries and the money count for deposits that you made.


This game is giving you more than just wildlife adventure. The bonus packages that Totally Wild is offering are especially useful. Whether you get the waterfall or the frog or even the king of the jungle jaguar, there will be equally fine rewards for each. In this slot game, there are twenty game rows. Scatter symbols are essential for gaining bonus rounds. As I said before, this game is very efficient for collecting the prizes. If you can get the waterfall icon with one of them to scatter symbols, then you will win the bonus round. It is that simple. Multiplication is a favorite feature of this game. How to multiply your rewards while playing this game? It is easy if you can match waterfalls, you will get a multiplier for prizes. Moreover, the free spins and re-spin chances are also very high in Totally Wild. 

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