Vegas Vacation

Vegas Vacation, even the name feels so relaxing, and the game justifies the name as well. One of the people once said that if the devil needs to take a vacation he will probably go to Las Vegas. It is the one place that welcomes everybody opens hands. Now for those who can’t go to Vegas; they can get the holiday feel at their home by playing this excellent online game.

The game:

Vegas Vacation is the best game out there, especially for people who are fans of all casino games. It is also a hit amongst the retro lovers as they also have a unique feel for this game. The reason why it attracts the casino player and retro lover is; the theme and design of the game that is in Retro style. One of the exciting things about the game is that it includes several familiar faces. These faces are of gamblers from the 70’s show. The main characters in the game are the police and the robbers.

One plays Vegas Vacation on the online web page Riversweep Platinium which gives you all the real feel of playing gambling games and provides various opportunities to win a lot of things. As the name suggests, it is an exciting game about casinos with a lot of symbols to play around. The characters that you will come across all the time are the police, the robbers and the dog. It does not end over here. Besides these online internet cafe games, it presents other intriguing features. It includes wild symbols, several great spins, bonus games and above all this there are any awards given in the game.

Some Intriguing Features of the Game

The pay lines in the game reset to the number 20, in Vegas Vacation you can raise it to at least 40, and one can do this by playing free games. The player always needs to remember to put the bets correctly; this will help them win and enjoy the game even better. If you are looking for a symbol and that symbol appears to be a robber; it means that the player is going to receive the highest amount of earnings. Besides the earnings from the logo, another intriguing feature in the game is the random bonuses. These bonuses are available on the spins for the players. These additional features are the reason Vegas Vacation is famous amongst the people so much.

Lucrative Rewards and Bonuses

The game is viral amongst the other bonus games. It keeps the player stick to the screen because of the themes and the various rewards pitched by it that doesn’t allow the player to leave the device. At times you may find a symbol of a dog named Bonzo in the slot games. If you do find it and Bonzo is digging, you can surely achieve a bonus prize. Another exciting feature here is that the player is allowed to play another bonus game. Players play the game with a dice given to them. When rolled in their favor it offers them the opportunity to win the online amatic slots at different times. 

If you play this game on the online website called the Riversweep Platinium, this will benefit you a lot; since it will raise the profit of the players by different offered prizes inside the slot machine.


Vegas Vacation, as the name suggests, is a very relaxing game that is the favorite of the people who like online casino games. Also, this is famous around retro lovers because of the theme. The game is fun addictive and exciting. It is full of lucrative features that will keep you glued to your screen. Hence, the Riversweep Platinium has done a fabulous job with this game. Now don’t think much go to the website and play own and have a vacation feel at your home.

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