White Buffalo

White Buffalo is a fascinating online casino game that will not let you get bored. It is an exciting slot game with twenty-five paylines. On the interface of the game, you can see five reels with great animal symbols on them. The goal of the game is the same as all other slot games. Reels of the game will spin, and you will earn money if the characters on the reels would organize proper combination. You can make large gains by playing this game. For example, the most significant win which you can make is to multiply your line bet with one thousand. Other than that, you can get bonuses and rewards while playing. White Buffalo offers plenty of different bonuses such as wild cards, free spins, and scatter pays. 

You can play this game by simply relying on your luck, or you can create your game plan. There are twenty-five paylines in the slot machine, which offers you to build a flexible and adjustable strategy. Risky players might take a risk and play with more paylines to maximize their gain. However, more conservative players might involve fewer paylines in order to minimize their losses. Although the losses of the player would be minimized, he still can win large gains by playing with fewer paylines on the slot game. After the player has selected the paylines, he should select the bet amount for each payline. The player can bet the amount in the range from one to thirty. 

He should also consider that the value of the coins is varying between 0.01 and 0.2 credits. Such flexibility of the game enables players to adjust their betting strategy whenever they want. A gambler might decide to play firstly with fewer payline but with large credit. Then after reaching a certain amount, he can start to bet fewer amount of coins with large credits and increase the number of paylines. So there are different options for how to build your strategy in the video slot. Moreover, players can always come up with better and better strategies to play. So after player sets paylines and bets, he starts spinning the reels of White Buffalo. 

Playing White Buffalo

The player’s gain would differ depending on the character which has several matches on the payline and the number of matches. Players start to gain money starting from the three matches of the symbols per payline like in trusted online casinos. However, there are exceptions in White Buffalo like “9” and “Buffalo” symbols. Two “9” and “Buffalo” symbols on a payline would multiply your bet by two. Three, four, and five matches of the “9” symbol would multiply your bet by five, twenty-five, and hundred correspondingly. Whereas, Three, four and five matches of “Buffalo” character per payline would multiply your bet by 100, 750 and 1000 correspondingly. Symbols of “Elk” and “Moose” would multiply your bet by 20, 250 and 750 if you would get three, four and five matches correspondingly. There are plenty of other symbols that would yield you different payouts. 

You can see that the most significant gain you can get with Buffalo symbol on the reels. Thus, this Buffalo is the wild card of the game. This symbol pays large rewards if you get their matches. However, it is not all that Buffalo can do to you. This symbol can also replace other matching symbols on a payline. By doing this, it would help you to gain from more matches of those symbols. Moreover, you can get different bonuses like free spins like in other best online casino slots. These free spins would trigger your game and help you to increase your gain or offset your loss. You can spend your free time by playing White Buffalo and making real money. 

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