River Sweepstakes Software Solutions

Our solution allows business owners to form network of computers installed in sweepstakes cafe or internet shop where customers buy Internet time, then get points to play casino style games and a chance to win cash prizes.

Whether you’re a longtime retailer with many shops, or a replacement business setting foundations for future growth, River provides you with all the specified tools and services to become the go-to entertainment destination wherever your customers could even be .

The system is simple to place in and it takes but 1 hour to setup the entire cafe and start offering players promotional sweepstakes games. Another promo tool to remain your customers returning to your location each 24 hours.

Spin a wheel of fortune to urge 5-25% refund if the luck isn’t on your side today. Increase your bet level by ¢5 to win 1 of 4 progressive mystery prizes. Our cross platform B2B solution is made to provide you a whole set for a budgetary start and comfy maintenance hereinafter. You don’t need to place a server in your establishment, also as provide a very fast internet connection, spend money on any fees and buy costly equipment. And you’ll be always able to provide your customers with up-to-date games, cause each new one is added to your library automatically for free of charge of charge . Our promotion materials featured with various bonuses and a community prize board also will keep your customers entertaining.

There are many benefits to having great sweepstakes software. As we all know, game development companies want to promote and sell their slot games. How can you achieve this feat? They need to find a marketing strategy. Sweepstakes software is an excellent solution for people who are facing similar issues. The software is providing great marketing strategies for those people. With the help of that, owners can define the target customers and expand their brand. You will see that there are many software options after searching for a while. Although, in these cases, river sweepstakes software is the best for these benefits that you will get.

River sweepstakes established themselves as one of the great businesses in the world. In every Sweepstakes software, you will find more than seventy games and user management tools. Those games are all available on different devices. The reason for that is the multi-device support of river sweepstakes. For instance, you can play in tablets, personal computers, notebooks, and even in your mobile devices. Some may think that the quality of the game will diminish if you are playing on a small touch screen.

However, it is not related to river sweepstakes software products. They are keeping their quality even if you used small touch screens on your phone. High-resolution graphics and catchy designs are making Riverslot games so unique. The sound effects are also one of the indicators of a successful product. In Riverslot games, we have realistic sound effects that are helping you for better gameplay whether you are playing on a tablet or mobile device. The online casino gaming atmosphere is different than others, so, make sure to choose the best product for your customers.


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