The Online Sweepstakes Software Agreements

Social media platforms and therefore the Internet have helped the recognition of online sweepstakes and contests. Such activities have exploded over the previous couple of years. For businesses to limit liability when conducting these sorts of promotions, proper legal documentation should be in situ . We help businesses get protection through use of special provisions in online sweepstakes agreements. for instance , the sweepstake or contest must include the right disclaimers and disclosures also as outline a politician set of rules. It should even have appropriate releases for participants and winners, including provisions regarding compliance with applicable state and/or federal laws.

Contestants must receive basic information about the web online sweepstakes from the corporate running the sport . Additionally, they’re going to got to address potential legal issues. for instance , use of the web allows for participants to more easily submit repetitive entries. Similarly, promotions that encourage or require participants to “share” content may raise property issues, like infringement of copyright . As such, companies should secure the right releases needed for any promotion to be utilized in reference to the winner.

The collection of private information, whether purposeful or unintentional, from participants also can trigger legal issues. as an example , companies must ensure their promotion doesn’t violate any federal regulations regarding privacy or collection of private information. The online sweepstakes via the web can also be subject to varying state laws supported the situation of the participant. Additionally, the youngsters Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) regulations could also be triggered if children are targeted.

We provide you with the latest sweepstakes database development tools for convenience and easy control. The database development tool enables you to use administrator dashboards, analytics features, controls, and custom reporting. Not only that, but also you will get the game logic systems and finite math engines, which will ultimately ensure payout dynamics and provide your customers with optimal gaming experience.


Our sweepstakes software is compatible with desktop computers as well as portable devices such as a notebook, tablets, or mobile phones. You will have the chance to offer customers exciting games at your local internet sweepstakes parlor by using various game devices. Our software also enables you to offer sweepstakes games through social platforms, which can result in instant wins for players. For those of you who are desperately searching for a convenient and reliable software provider, you came to the right place. Let’s discover some more advanced features that River Monster Sweepstakes software has.

It is your platform, and you should design it as you wish. River Monster gives customers creative freedom to guide the feel and design of their sweepstakes platforms. The sky’s the limit when you work with us. Imagine if you want to make the system look like a tropical island resort or would like to make your interface seem more futuristic, we can do that all.

We put the industry on notice with the work ethic that we have. You can relax about legal compliance as we will work with you on every step to make sure that all the necessary rules and regulations of your local regions are met so that you can start working immediately. As the regulation changes, we can make you adapt to our flexible systems like Curtains Pull Tabs and Pre-reveal. These systems can be activated at any time.

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