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best slots to play

Casino games help us to relax and enjoy the moment. Some people play casino games with free modes to have fun while the others are concerned about winning rather than just entertainment part of it. Players frequently play slot games. They are one of the basic but effective casino games of all time. Many times, amateur players do not know where to start in online casinos. They want to find the best slots to play. However, they are messing around till they find a decent game. In order not to waste your time on searching, it is better to look through rankings. Search the best slots to play and start reading reviews; by doing that, you will manage to find the game that suits you. Additionally, you will save your time. 

Best Slots to play

Space Rocks

Space Rocks is one of the most entertaining arcade slot games of all time. Space Rocks is one of the slot games of Riversweeps Platinum. Space Rocks is a new generation arcade game that has fabulous features. Riversweeps Platinum is famous for game casino software development, though there are many amazing games that you can in their sites. Space Rocks is one of the best old-school arcade-type slot games in the online casino business

Space Rocks is an exciting slot game because it is challenging old school traditions in the slot machine gaming industry. Classic slot machine games were top-rated back then where there were not any video slots; however, nowadays, they are slowly getting out of business. Instead, we are trying to play modern games with improved features. 

Old school players like to play traditional three-reel slots. Though, if they can practically see what new generation slot games are offering, most probably they will change their minds about their tastes. What are those unique features of modern generation slot machine games?

Modern generation slot machine features

Modern video slots have many exciting features. Space Rocks is one of those modern video slots that turns out to be a fascinating casino game. Old school slot machines were fun to play, but they did not have bonus systems and advantages like these modern slots. For example, win boosters, free spins, free rounds, re-spins, and most importantly, the implementation of scatter and wild symbols are significant features of modern video slots. Every player wants to learn about the best slots to play so that they can win more prizes. As we all know, to win big prizes, you need to have great luck, and you need to play the best slot games. The bonus system of the Space Rocks is undoubtedly one of the bests. 

Besides that, Space Rocks is also available on mobile devices. The new age of technology requires casino slot developers to consider mobile phones using the audience while creating the games. Several decades ago, the only way that players could enjoy slot machines casino games was by going to the land-based casinos. However, today’s technology allows us to play the best slot games anywhere we want. 

Mobile adaptation is the key feature that every modern online slot should have. Fortunately, Space Rocks is offering this feature for gambling players. They are no longer need to worry about sitting around their desks and wait for the results of the slot game. The reason for that is the availability of Space Rocks in mobile devices. The sizeable vertical interface of the slot games is optimized for small screen devices by developers of Space Rocks. With that said, players can easily play their favorite slot games without interference in their mobile devices.

Design of the Space Rocks

best slots to play

Innovativeness of Riversweeps Platinum games is a viral indicator that helps this company to grow. They are innovative and creative; that is why they can create the best slots to play like Space Rocks. This slot machine game played through five reels and five rows. In Space Rocks, players will have twenty different pay lines. They can bet on any possible pay-line on any given round. 

The bonus features like win booster are there to help you. If you can match at least four of the symbols in this game, you will get this bonus. 

Substantial payouts are waiting for lucky players in Space Rocks. Although this game is one of the first professional slot game of the Net Entertainment, it is very professionally designed and creatively developed. Thrill-seeking casino players will like the Space Rocks because of its new sound effects, and beautiful interface. If you have the will to accept this challenge and win great prizes, then you should play Space Rocks. 

Gonzo’s Quest

Another great slot game is Gonzo’s Quest. This game is one of the best slots to play online by Net Entertainment. The story of the game is fascinating, just like the gameplay. The storyline starts with Gonzo, who is conquistador. Gonzo should find the lost city in this video slot game. That lost city is the mystic Eldorado. The graphics and sound effects of this video slot game are worth trying. Players will enjoy a modern five-reel video slot that also has six rows. Besides, you will have twenty pay lines in which you can deposit. The great feature of the game is that there is no hard wagering rule. All you need to do is choose the pay line and the amount of your deposit. By just clicking the start button, your adventure of finding the lost city Eldorado will kick-off. 

Bonuses of the Gonzo’s Quest

If you are looking for the lost city of Eldorado, then you need to know that the town has precious pieces. That is why it is hard to reach to the Eldorado. Many exciting players will search for it, but only some luckiest Gonsos will earn rewards. What are the prizes in the best slots to play? In these best paying slot games, you will get a chance to multiply your rewards by five. Wagering requirements in Gonzo’s Quest are simple. The amount of minimum bets is equal to zero point twenty dollars, while the highest amount that you can deposit is around fifty dollars. This feature is excellent for both amateur players and experienced casino lovers. The reason for that is, amateurs are hesitant to pay more money for online casino games. 

Experienced players are willing to spend more money on the best slot games like this. They know that if you put more deposits, the chances of winning high rewards will increase. Winning combinations are available in this video slot game. Players can quickly get more prizes in Return after completing a set with matching symbols. The main advantage of Gonzo’s Quest is that winning symbols has the explosion ability. That means, from only a single spin, you can get multiple rewards because the symbols will explode as they are getting matched up. 

Winning Combinations

Winning combinations are different in this popular slot game. Both scatter, and wild symbols are playing replacement roles for others. That is a unique advantage that slot game players can use in their favor. If you get two lucky sevens and one Gonzo symbol, then this combination can add up to your rewards. The reason for that is the replacement feature of those wild symbols. The chances are getting higher because if you can get one wild symbol and one scatter symbol, with any random symbol on the third reel will help you to win. 

Features of the Gonzo’s Quest

best slots to play

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the low to medium variance slot games. This game has Return to the player rate of ninety-six percent. Considering the average level of RTP among slot machine games, this percent is excellent. Free spins and re-spins are essential for this unique slot machine game. With the help of reward multipliers, the player can ensure their total winning multiplied by fifteen. The progressive slots are one of the entertaining sides of online video slots. The excellent news for fans is that Gonzo’s Quest has an enormous jackpot feature. The mega jackpot that will help you to multiply rewards by eighteen thousand fifty times your initial bet. This jackpot will give you additional free spins as well as that massive multiplier. 

Gonzo’s Quest is one of the oldest slot games that survived in this competitive business. The specialties that make this game great are improving every year. If you are looking for fun while searching for the mystic city, try this slot game. You will not regret your decision at the end because Gonzo’s Quest is one of the best slots to play In GUTS online casino and Betsafe casino online, you can find and play Gonzo’s Quest.


If you are searching for the best slots to play online, then you are in the right place. The next game that will take place is Vampires. This fantastic game is offered by Skillmine gaming. Vampire themes are essential symbols of slot games. Classic slot scenes are what many of the traditional casino players looking for in an online gambling platform. Vampires will be a very convenient game to play for old school players. Net Entertainment is the producer of this excellent slot machine game. Imagine a game that has the vibe of traditional casino games with modern high tech features. There you go, Vampires is the game that you are looking. 

Features of Vampires

This slot machine game is offering you classic slot machine type slots and old school symbols. Alongside that, players will enjoy high variance, and return to the player rate will help them win. Return to the player rate of Vampires is equals to ninety-five percent point seven. Many would anticipate that the average winning possibility is not high in this slot machine game. Though you will enjoy this ride as long as you play with passion. Six million pay lines are what make this game so unbelievable. Best slots to play should have the best odds of winning. Not even experienced players would know that this game has that many pay lines. Those pay-lines designed for players who like to deposit on more lines so that the winning percentage of the game will go higher. 

Available bonuses 

Another great and unusual feature that Vampires has is the expanding reels. What are those? Expanding reels will change your view on online gambling slots because they are unique. The interface of the Vampires will expand as soon as you activate this great feature. The game will start on a classic three to the five-reel scheme, but then it will grow. After expansion, the reel numbers will go to six reels and ten rows. Bonus rounds are what make good casino games the best. This game is allowing players to get bonuses through wild cards. A maximum winning that you can get from Vampires will be multiplied by ten thousand thanks to this bonus system. If you though those classic slot games are not fun anymore, play Vampires and think twice. Make sure that you try this game before making a judgment about the traditional side of online casino slots



The last game on the best slot games list is the Holmes and the Stolen Stones. Thrilling slot games are progressive slots. In those games, jackpots are making players stress. Most of the progressive slots lack great visuals most of the time. If you want to know the names of the best slots to play, especially the progressive ones, be attentive because this game will impress you. Holmes and the Stolen Stones is an exciting progressive slot game designed by the Yggdrasil Gaming company. This popular slot game is not like other progressive casino games that mostly played on a three-reel classic concept. With the right initiative of Yggdrasil Company, Holmes and the Stolen Stones got popular in less than several months. The creative and innovative direction that the company took while creating this excellent slot game paid off hugely. 

The interface of Holmes and The Stolen stones

As you can see from the name of the game, it is about the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes. Holmes and the stolen stones is a five-reel and three-row progressive slot game. A beautiful interface and new sound effects will make you feel like a real detective. The storyline of the game is exciting. During Holmes and the Stolen Stones, you will be asked to search for lost crystals. To take a shot at the highest jackpot, you need to find and collect five diamonds. Unique gameplay is what makes Holmes and the stolen stones so famous.This game is available on one of the trusted online casinos. High variance in this slot game is increasing your chances of winning. 

Storyline and qualifications of the game

The Return to the player rate for Holmes and the Stolen Stones is as high as ninety-six point eight percent. It is above standards, and if you consider that this game is a progressive jackpot slot, you will get the importance of those percentages. Throughout the game, as you collect the crystals, the prizes will seem more and more reachable. The multiplier for this progressive slot equals twenty-four thousand credits. Most progressive slot games are very annoying because they have standardized visual interfaces. However, this game will impress you with its unique design and storyline. You can use your skills as well as your luck while playing Holmes and the Stolen Stones. 

Overall, this game is for the jackpot and high reward lovers. If you feel like the small wager, safe games are more comfortable to play and want to avoid challenges, pass this game up. Though, if you are brave and passionate enough to take the challenge of finding the stolen crystals and earn the highest rewards, then start playing this fantastic slot machine game. 

All in all, if you want to know about the best slots to play and learn their specialties, it is better to check Top Slot Reviews before starting the games. Above, you can find the best slot games and their amazing features. 

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