Vegas Skills

VegasSkills offers users a convenient platform to play promo casino games. The VegasSkills platform features quirks like community prize boards, bounceback, cashback, and minimum play levels starting from just 5 cents. Hitting 1 out of 4 jackpots while playing VegasSkills games any time will make the player eligible for community prize boards. Bounceback feature gifts players who make purchases of a minimum of 20 dollars to get 5 to 20 dollars of entry bonuses soon as the player logs into the client. This bonus is credited to the player as soon as he or she logs in. If the player has no more entries left on the balance screen, clicking the change game button will take the player back to the start page to reveal Cashback credits up to 25 percent in mini-games. Since the platform games can be played with as little as 25 cents, leaving it to the player to decide the playtime.

VegasSkills can be downloaded both on Android and IOS, through these operating systems users can run the platform on both tablets and mobile devices. VegasSkills can also be run on Windows operating systems to ensure users can use the software from their desktops.

How it works

The software can be run on almost any device mobile or desktop. Through the platform, users can track customer account usage, plays, and wifi use through a wifi connection. This can be done anywhere and anytime. VegasSkills transforms the wifi into a plug and play system, that lets clients know when their users have logged on and instantly rewards them with bonuses to make sure they keep coming back. Setup time for the software is around 20 minutes, and through the wifi system, users can start joining immediately. VegasSkills also offers clients with free training to ensure the best customer service for business owners.  



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