Which Online Casino USA Players Favor the Most

online casino usa

Online casinos represent the future of gambling because of their developing potential. Their future looks very bright in the USA as well, even though there are a lot of restrictions holding them back. In the past years, 90% of U.S. gamblers chose online casinos over the traditional ones. They did so because of the unlimited options they have and all of the available innovations such as cryptocurrency. Last year, 85% of the U.S. gambling income was generated by online casinos. The situation differs from state to state, but U.S. online casinos re the gift that keeps on giving. All you need to know is which state favors these gambling platforms more and in which way. Read our guide to find the best online casino USA and choose according to the advantages and jackpots that they offer. 

Online Gambling in the USA

The U.S. online casino market grows each year because of its worldwide popularity and the exciting gambling games it offers. We’ve all heard about the Vegas traditional casinos because they became a gambling symbol, and most major events in gambling history happened there. Even if Nevada is so popular because of casinos, when it comes to online gambling platforms, it is not a player’s go-to. Online casinos in the U.S. can only function in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, and the most popular state is New Jersey. The situation depends on the restrictions in each state, some being more mellow than others. There’s a set of rules around the country, including the Wire Act and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Both acts allow sports betting and online poker if the state does not prohibit them, and the transactions remain at a state level. 

Online Casino USA – New Jersey 

New Jersey made online casinos legal in 2013, causing an economic increase even though it still requires some regulations. Gamblers younger than 21 years old are not allowed to register on online casinos. If you are older than 21 years old, you have to locate in New Jersey to play online physically. Also, if you are familiar with the big casinos operating in Atlantic City, you shouldn’t search for their online websites. New Jersey doesn’t allow an online presence for this kind of casino. The most famous U.S. online casinos based in New Jersey are the Golden Nugget, Resort Digital Gaming, and Borgata. Altogether, online gambling platforms bring around 40$ million dollars each year, increasing their incomes with approximately 60% yearly. Read below how the most popular N.J. online casinos made their way to the top and what benefits they offer. 

Online Casino USA – The Golden Nugget

online casino usa

Golden Nugget is a U.S. online casino based in New Jersey. They established in 2015, and since then, they won specialty awards for their outstanding services. Not only that, they are 100% safe and legal, but they offer a lot of payment options and other advantages for their players. 

First of all, Golden Nugget is popular for the massive game selection, the largest from all online casinos in the U.S. This platform offers 533 games that you don’t need to download, all coming from the leaders of the gambling software development industry. Among other software specifications, graphics and sound effects are very important, and they are a decisive factor for any gambler and reviewer out there. Golden Nugget offers a unique option for every game they hold – the player can choose the graphic’s quality. All you need to do is push the “options” button at the beginning of the game and choose from four levels of graphics and sound effects. This feature allows players to adapt the game to their P.C., laptop, or phone graphics requirements. For example, if you don’t have a fast computer, you should set the graphics level to low or medium for a better gaming experience. 

Golden Nugget gaming benefits

Second of all, you can try hundreds of games without investing real money. On Golden Nugget, most gambling games have a Demo Play feature, so you can test them free of charge. This option is great if you want to play slots, especially on Golden Nugget. They are famous for their sweepstakes slots, which return around 95% of the bets. You can choose from 478 slot games, developed by eleven different software companies. All slots belong to different categories, but on Golden Nugget, we have access to the Steppers category, offering sweepstakes with massive winning potential. These ten slot games have multipliers on the outer reels as well on the inner reels, so you have more winnings chances than ever. You can also play five progressive jackpot sweepstakes with pots ranging from 11.000$ dollars to even 50.00.$ dollars. 

You can also play other gambling games on Golden Nugget, such as video poker, roulette, baccarat, and other specialty games. They also hold a large Live Dealer game selection, all available on their mobile app. Even if their mobile app doesn’t have all 533 games, you have access to most sweepstakes in the same excellent conditions as on the regular website. 

From the bonus and prizes point of view, Golden Nugget doesn’t offer many of them. However, you get great signing-up bonuses and other promotional offers if you see them right on time. If you refer Golden Nugget to a friend, you can get a 50$ dollar bonus, that you can use whenever you want. This gambling platform has a great online casino rating on most specialty sites. 

Borgata Online Casino

Another grand U.S. online casino is Borgata, which was actually the first-ever platform licensed in America. They still stand strong because of the fantastic customer service and great gaming features. Your winnings are immediately processed and ready to go into your bank account, safety guaranteed. This online casino doesn’t require a payout limit, and they have a great loyalty program, filled with bonuses. Even if they don’t offer any live table games, they have a vast selection of video slots. Borgata is mobile-friendly as well, and most users praise the quality of gaming experiences. The Borgata online casino sets an example through their customer service and payment options. 


online casino usa

In conclusion, you need a bit of information to find out which U.S. online casino favors players the most. The U.S. laws restrict most online casinos, but some states like New Jersey are very permissive. The best online casinos in the USA engage players with a large variety of games of different types. These games must hold a lot of bonuses and excellent technical features. A great tip would be to check the software provider for these online casinos. A gambling platform that favors the player comes with high-quality graphics and sound effects. The gaming experiences must be safe as well, and you should make money transfers easily. 

In the future, we are expecting more states to allow online casino licenses. States like California, Colorado, New York, and Washington will make drastic changes soon, and players should use this decision to their advantage. Other U.S. online casinos, based on states that we didn’t mention, are still active, but they can’t use real currency. From a player’s point of view, this aspect is vital because it generates great winnings. Our advice to all American gamblers is to choose licensed U.S. online casinos that put their customers first. Specialty blogs and online casino review and rating websites are great information sources that will help you choose online casino USA the favors players the most. 

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