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top rated slots

Slots take a significant portion of the online casinos. Every day there is a lot of new slot appearing on the internet. It makes the process of choosing the best online slots more challenging. You can find a lot of slot games looking at the best online casino rating list. However, online slots vary among themselves by their design and features. Their design is different. Navigation control of some slots is more user-friendly than in other casinos.  In this article, I will try to analyze and figure out the key features which should be in top rated slots. After what, I will write examples of these slots and their points of differentiation. Some of the slots have additional features like customization and time tracking. Others have progressive bonuses.

Choose online casinos which offer your wide variety of top rated slots

top rated slots

Even while playing the best online slots we might get bored, because of playing same gave for a long time. In order to not lose motivation, it is better to find the best slots which offer you a large range of different games. Most of the good online casinos have in their inventory more than one top slot. You can value this opportunity and investigate before starting to play. Moreover, some online casino portals offer you a chance of playing more than one online slots for at the same time. It might help you not to get bored and diversify your winning strategy. While playing two or more top rated slots at the same time, you can adjust your bets in all games. As a result of what, you will be able to diversify your money and decrease risk or increase your gain. 


Security and privacy is an important issue of top rated slots

Before betting and even starting to play, always read and understand how money operations occur in this portal. Online casinos might offer a different kind of online payment systems. Check the reliability of the portal by reading reviews and feedbacks of other players. Popular and trusted online casinos which have top rated slots in their portfolio are always checking the security and privacy of the portal. Apparently, in this business, the reliability of customers is the must-have item. Even though they might have the best online slots in the inventory, online casinos should provide you high-quality, safe system for money operations. No one should be able to see your transactions and account details.



Easy access to the games with all devices

top rated slots

An ideal online casino which offers top slots should support all operating systems and all devices. In the 21st century, our life is very dynamic. We do not always have a laptop or computer with ourselves. But at times, when we want to distract from our daily routines, we might need the help of online casinos. In this case, we are searching for popular slot games for mobile phones. Thus, online casinos should be accessible from mobile phones and tablets. For example, the office worker might be willing to play top rated slots while eating his lunch on his phone. Online casinos should develop applications and websites where this office worker can play online slots on his smartphone. The primary purpose of this is not to lose him as a potential client. Building a portal which can support all kinds of operating systems increases your customer base. 


Dragon Pearl


Dragon Pearl is one of the top rated slots which will help you to maximize your gain. Old school storyline and symbols would remind you of retro slot machines, and it will give you fascinating feelings. Characters on the reels give you the highest payout rates as in all best slots. You can earn lower points when you get a combination of koi fish, duck, lots, and butterfly characters. However, symbols of a warrior, Geisha, phoenix, dragon, the tiger would give you higher points if they would organize proper combination. Scores of the combination will be multiplied based on your bet, and in this way, you will gain money. 

Most exciting thing in Dragon Pearl is that this slot machine offers your great bonuses. For example, one of them is a chance of free spins. In order to get the opportunity of free spin, you should get three pearl character on the reels. In this case, you will receive a reward with five bonus free spins. If you are more lucky to get more pearl, the slot game will give you additional bonus spins. You can start to use your free spins after you consume all your active spin chances. 

Moreover, one more competitive advantages of Dragon Pearls is its Video Graphics and Sound Effects. Designers and developers did their best while developing this game. Video graphics quality is one of the bests among top rated slots. Excellent soundtrack and music effects would create an impact of playing in a real casino. The music will help you to feel comfortable and enjoy playing the slot game. 


Spinning Reels

It is one more retro-style slot game among top rated slots. You will enjoy playing with the fruit characters on the reels. In contrast, with the old machine slots, Spinning Reels offer your high return and various bonuses. The number of reels in the slot game is three, and the number of paylines is five. Symbols of the game are typical fruits. All fruit symbols give you different scores. You can see characters of plums, grapes, cherries on the reels. Character in the slot game plays the role of scattered pays, unlike usual paylines.

If you want to gain large payouts, you should spend a little more time on the game. The reason is that more you will play the game, more opportunities you will have to get bonuses. Bonuses makes online casinos to get higher ranking in the casino rating lists. Bonuses can be in the form of free spins or progressive jackpots. 

The characters of fruits randomly spinning on the reel will organize different combinations which will earn you money. If you will be lucky and be able to find more than seven matches of any fruit on the grid, you will have a chance of a free spin. Free spin will increase your chances to get the jackpot. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to double your money. You can gamble with your money, but you will have only two possible scenarios, either double it or lose it all. Spinning Reels is one of the best online slots, which is full of opportunities to make real money. 


Hot twenty

The goal of the slot games is to gather three matching characters next to each other on the payline. If you do that you will score a certain amount, you can increase that scoring amount if you will gather more than three matching fruits. Considering that there are twenty paylines, a chance of getting three matching fruits are very high. Therefore, while playing this game, you can get the benefit of consistent winning scores. And considering that scores of the fruit characters are different, your gains might be increased. Moreover, the navigation panel of the game is very user-friendly. You will see the screen with five reels, starting button, betting button, etc. All these buttons are sitting most conveniently and make playing more joyful. 

Unlike other slot games, Hot Twenty is a modern slot game which is one of the bests among top rated slots. While playing this game, you will have plenty of opportunities to get large winning payouts. Hot twenty is very competitive in the market with the highest user experience. The slot game consists of the five reels, whereas the number of paylines is twenty. Thus, this games is full of promising chances to increase your money drastically. You will see the characters of fruits on the grid of the slot games as in the other two casino games. However, the rules of this game are slightly different from others. 

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