How to Maximize Your Sweepstakes Gains?


Sweepstakes have attracted a large number of people to win prizes from their favorite brands for decades. New phone, iron, or fancy handbag? You can win absolutely anything. The main thing is to find a suitable method of participating in the contests. At such games, you can get the most incredible gifts.

Sweepstakes helps companies grow their database by entering your email or phone number when registering for a contest. That is a brilliant marketing ploy, as businesses will be able to send advertisements to your mail for free. But let’s take a look at how you can maximize your sweepstakes gains while spending the least amount of time and money.

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How do the companies choose winners?

Companies use a random selection system to select the winner. It is a program that chooses a winner regardless of personal criteria. That is, the only factor that will help you win is luck.  Despite this, there are several ways in which you can maximize your chances of long-awaited gifts.

Internet activity

Follow social media and blogs that periodically share the sweepstakes list.

Most companies are constantly using the help of such blogs to increase awareness of their promotions and contests. Instead of wasting time on each firm individually, it is better to find a resource where all the latest sweepstakes will be presented. Sweepstakes Fanatics and SweepstakesLovers are good examples of such blogs. You can also find similar pages on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

A dedicated mail address

Create a separate mail address dedicated to sweepstakes only. To not miss the news of the prize received, creating a new email address without unnecessary ads and spam is best. Then it will be better for you to receive notifications about new sweepstakes and your prizes.

Mail-in and call-in contests

Participate in sweepstakes that ask you to send mail or call a number. Although it is more time-consuming than online sweepstakes, fewer people are participating in these contests. Accordingly, you will have a better chance of getting your prize.

Avoid scam

Do not participate in sweepstakes that ask for your bank account details. That is most likely a scam. Therefore, avoid contests asking for your card details.

Shorter entry period

Try to enter contests with shorter entry periods. It isn’t easy to find them on time, but these sweepstakes usually have a minor audience and, therefore, more chances to win a prize. Nobody says you shouldn’t play long entry sweepstakes, but the more contests you enter, the more opportunities you have of winning awards. 

Carefully keep a record of all sweepstakes you enter

Create a table where you will enter data about which competitions you are taking part. That will allow you not only to keep everything under control but also to maximize your gains. The point is that some sweepstakes enable multiple entries, for example, once a day. Therefore, it will help you not to miss out on participating in contests. 

Play regularly

Take time in your schedule to find and participate in sweepstakes. Make participating in contests a habit for yourself. The more often you participate in sweepstakes, the more chances you will have of winning prizes. So better take at least 10 minutes a day.  

Don’t cheat

To increase their chances, some users try to deceive the organizers, for example, by leaving incorrect information or by sharing a fake mail address. However, many companies know how to distinguish scammers. Therefore, try not to cheat, as this threatens you with being blocklisted by the company. 

Read the competition rules 

Sometimes the rules may contain some conditions (for example, prizes are not intended for residents of your state) or participation details (you may be asked for your photo or go through a test) for which you do not fit. So don’t risk your precious time!


Undoubtedly, sweepstakes are a brilliant marketing strategy for companies and a resource for great prizes that delight a large number of people every day. However, to maximize your gains, you must be extremely careful and organized. It would help if you did a periodic review of the best sweepstakes offers, as well as carefully read the instructions for participation. Follow our advice, and then you can win the prize of your dreams!

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