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Since the first day of the gaming era, slot machines are improving continuously. There are millions of various video slot machines in today’s world. Gallery of slot machines includes everything from old classic fruit slots to advanced online video slots with sophisticated design and mechanism. If you are one of the individuals who have not run any slot game at all, you need to look through this blog carefully. You would surely like to play one of the best slot games in the market. It is an undeniable fact that the popularity of slot games is rising steadily. Simple construction and unique features make them a desirable part of the gaming industry. Video slots provide their users with great entertainment and winning chances. Moreover, the evolvement of the industry offers more attractive opportunities to the customers. 

When we compare the traditional table games with video games, we can notice the impressive progress of the sector. Game designers develop many spinning wheels which supported by creative symbols. Each of these symbols or their winning combination brings a vast amount of revenue to gamblers. All you need is to invest a small amount of money for each line, then spin and hit the jackpot. You can try these slot machines in pubs or pizzerias in your city. Otherwise, you can extend feet and enjoy online video slots at home.

However, growing popularity and a number of slot games can confuse you a little bit. Unfortunately, not all of the game developers can fulfill basic expectations of the industry. Therefore, there are specific criteria that will help you to select the top slot games of the gaming market. You can define online video slots which will bring you the best gaming experience based on these features. 

Best Online Video Slots

As mentioned above, millions of online video slots exist in the gaming industry. But only some of them are the best and can satisfy you for a long time. That is why new users who have never experienced video slot games can lose their ways. It is a fact that finding the most appropriate video game is a challenging and time-consuming task. However, nothing is impossible if you wish to achieve. Keep in mind that the best slot games offer hours of enormous fun and unforgettable gaming experience.

Moreover, there is a chance of being wealthy by playing online video slots. Besides, running video games is an excellent way of resting after an exhausting day. It let you feel Vegas spirit at home without leaving your room. When we consider that each lucky spin can make you rich and change your life, you can obtain more pleasure from it.  

Slot Themes

online video slots


When you have figured out that you need to select one slot out of a thousand titles, you want to give up. However, this guide will help you to decide on the most suitable online video slot for you. The first thing you need to know is the structure of video slots. There are mainly two types of slot games classic 3-reels and 5-reel in the market. While 3- reel games are more traditional, 5-reel slots can offer a vast range of themes and symbols.

Therefore, starting to search based on theme seems the most useful way. You can find millions of slot themes in the gaming market. All you need is to choose the ones which comply with your interests. It can be a famous TV-show, book, history, nature, film and much more. It is a fact that developers design most of the slot machines based on history and journey. 

Common Slot Game Themes

You can find a lot of video slot games on the theme of Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greek. At the same time, jungles and adventure are undividable part of slot sector. For instance, one of the most popular slot games is Cleopatra. Developers of the game have used themes related to the fabulous Egyptian queen. If you are lucky, you will find out her dear trove. The game called Zeus also can be an excellent example of the games based on Greek culture. As you have already known, Zeus has been one of the significant Gods in Ancient Greece. Therefore, designers can grab the attention of numerous gamblers by using him as a game theme. The attractive graphic design and sound effects of the game do not let users give up on the online slot. On your lucky day, you can also hit higher jackpots through this game. 

Another slot game with a unique theme is Siberian Storm which can convince enough customers from the first day of launching. The idea of the slot takes place in wild tundra nature. The magnificent Siberian landscape offers you unforgettable gaming experience. Besides, you will also encounter numerous bonuses and jackpots in this game. As you have already assumed, the theme factor plays an essential role in the gaming sector. 

Why is Return to Player or RTP important?

If you have visited a game website once, you have already noticed the term RTP. Then, what is RTP? The abbreviation RTP stands for the phrase Return to Player rate. This element of the gaming industry carries remarkable significance for all sub-sectors, such as casino game development, software game development, mobile game development, etc. As you have already assumed, developers use percentage for indicating RTP. Overall, Return to Player rate is the amount of the money that gamblers will gain back for each investment in the game. Let’s look at one example. When the RTP rate of the game is 90%, the customer will take back 90 dollars for each investment of 1 dollar. You can find the RTP rate of famous online casinos through websites. However, if you face any trouble in this process, there are a lot of websites that provide users with information about RTP. 

The best RTP rate for online slots is usually 95% or higher. Therefore, most of the old school is seeking for this RTP rate when they select an online video slot. However, newbies can start with games which offer average Return to Player rate. The mean ratio for video slots is mainly between 90% and 95%. However, we would not advise you to play games with less than a 90% RTP rate. These games do not ensure high revenue at the end of the day. Thus, you can lose more than you gain through slot machines. The top online slots usually offer the highest RTP rates in the gaming business. 

What is Volatility or Variance?

volatility or variance

One of the crucial features of online video slots is volatility or variance. As the RTP rate, this element also plays a primary role in the topic of profit of users. That is why, as a new player, you need to check the volatility or variance of the games before the selection process. Volatility or variance of the slot machines means the amount of payout to customers. When the variance is high, it will be able to bring you high revenue. But, keep in mind that high variance means higher risk to lose.

On the other hand, low variance carries less risk and less chance to yield gain. If you are a player who prefers high risk with excellent gaming experience, you should prefer online slots with high volatility. However, we do not advise you these games for the newbies of the gaming sector.  

Land-based Casinos vs. Online Casinos 

Are you ready to feel Vegas spirit at your home? It is not difficult as you have imagined before. With the assistance of modern technology, online video slots enable gamblers to experience the Los Angeles environment in their apartments. It’s just a touch away from us. But, how we choose the slot games which will offer the best online casino opportunities. Besides, selecting the top online casino, knowing how to operate games is also so important. Therefore, we will provide you with crucial information about video slot games. If you have experience in land-based casinos, it will be much easier for you to figure out the process. The stages of the online slot games are the same slot machines. Firstly, you need to choose the online slot and the bet money for it. On the next step, you should select the bet lines and spin the wheels. 

There is no doubt that you can hit the winning combination and jackpot on your lucky day. When you repeat it several times, you will notice that there is nothing complicated related to slot games. In the brick-and-mortar casinos, you have to wait for your favorite machine if it is busy. The most advantageous side of online slots is the flexibility feature. Video slot software provides customers with a chance that they can switch games anytime. More precisely, you can change the online slot or online casino when you want.

Moreover, despite the land-based casinos, online casinos do not require a higher amount of deposit. Even, there are a lot of free casinos in gambling sectors which offer trials. Thus, besides similar features with traditional machines, online video slots are more efficient and convenient. If you have experience in brick-and-mortar casinos, we advise you to give a chance to online slots.   

Types of Online Video Slots 

As mentioned above, video slot software provides players with sufficient flexibility. Additionally, the sector is continually evolving through technological innovations. Every day, new online video slots join the family while existed ones such as Buffalo Slots, Zeus, Gonzo’s Quest, etc. are raising their popularity. Thus, online casinos though video slots become more famous over the world. This growing popularity also affects the variety of casino slot market. As a result, new slot games bring more amusement to the sector in parallel with classic ones. Buffalo is one of the best and well-known online slots. Even though developers launched it years ago, it is the favorite of most gamblers. All features of this game, including video slot software, graphics, design can still satisfy players. Besides, Buffalo offers gamers the best bonuses, free spins, and higher jackpots. All of them makes Buffalo slot game irresistible. 

Besides classic ones, there are lots of new slot games that offer players considerable gaming experience. Keep in mind that new online slots bring you fresh and innovative features. Therefore, it is advisable to check them out if you are a big casino fan. Although most people are afraid to try newly launched games, most of them promise a great future. If we consider that the gaming business is challenging and competitive, game designers, new online video slots precisely and elaborately. However, if you are not open to changes, updated versions of legend games can fulfill your expectations. In today’s gambling world, most of the slot games have switched from 3-reel structure to 5-reel design. Classic video slots such as Cleopatra or Monopoly can be a good example of these features. However, if you prefer the 3-reel structure for slot games, there are still a plethora of opportunities for you.  

Advantages of Online Video Slots

advantages of mobile slots

As you have already known, there are a lot of technical benefits of online slots. However, you could ask about the positive personal sides of online slots. Well, we can mention numerous advantages that will comply with you individually. Undoubtedly, the most significant feature is the convenience provided by slot games. In other words, you can play casino slots anywhere and anytime. Could you imagine playing online games in your bed and entertaining on your own? For doing it, you have to push a button and spin the wheels of the video slot. Video slot software will solve the remaining issues for you. Moreover, you will not deal with personal problems that experienced in the land-based casinos such as smoking or drunk people. At the same time, you will have more freedom on the topic of smoke or alcohol at your home.

Classic slots vs. Online Video Slots

As mentioned above, there is an enormous variety of video games in the gambling industry. Each of them has particular and exclusive features. These features are the results of different structures and designs. It is a fact that the most popular form of video games is classic slots. These online video slots are favorite of almost everyone in the gaming industry. Even people who are not interested in gaming may know classic slots. They mainly consist of a 3-reel structure with diverse payouts. Classic slots usually operate like physical slot machines in land-based casinos. Another type of online slot is video slots which called video games at the same time. The structure of these games includes five or seven reels. However, you can find 9-reel online video slots through some websites. These online slots offer diverse bet lines, bonus chances, and free games to players. 

Mobile Slot Games 

Just like other sectors, mobile development shapes the gaming industry again. The comfort and flexibility of mobile game development influence the slot game market too. Thus, the number of mobile slot games is growing steadily. There is no need to mention the issue related to popularity. There are approximately 14 million gamblers who are playing casino games every day. Most of them use smartphones for performing these games. It is enough to explain the importance of mobile devices for the gaming industry. At the same time, the number of individuals who are using phones for accessing slot games is increasing day by day. Admittedly, it is sometimes to bring and use laptops everywhere. For example, you cannot play online slots when you are waiting at the bus stop. 

That is why using phones as slot machines is one of the best ideas for gamers. We would like to emphasize that the mobile version of almost all video slots exists in the app market. Game designers try to establish multiple versions of online slots supported by the most famous operating systems. It is a fact that most of the mobile devices managed by IOS or Android operating systems. Therefore, the main focus in the gaming sector is IOS and Android game development sectors for online slots. However, keep in mind that you can run online video slots by using the browse existed on your mobile device. Hence, if you do not have any space, you do not have to download any app on your phone.

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