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top 10 online casinos

Regardless of the activity level on the web, most people have already known that one of the lucrative and popular business sectors in the modern world is the online casino industry which has expanded considerably in the last years. It is one of the main tools for entertainment and surely, substantial revenue. A significant number of people can enjoy various slot games anytime by just one click. When you decide to enjoy these games, you need to choose from top 10 online casinos and join them by setting a user account. However, upgrade requirements make the situation more difficult for both online casino business owners and the players who would like to enjoy slot- games through these websites.

Due to the rapid growth of the sector and intense competition, online casino owners need to fulfil some simple but significant requirements.  Those include a secure and reliable system, a vast range of the game alternatives, easy and smooth usage, etc. in order to become more successful. Despite these features, you cannot still decide on which online casinos are advantageous, and this blog will present you the top 10 online casinos and the reasons behind their success.

The blog will explain the essential nature of the top 10 online casinos of the gambling industry, and you can easily differentiate the best websites if you do not have previous experience or your using website cannot satisfy you. Thus, as a well- informed user, you can enjoy the excellent opportunities of the market such as various games, professional customer assistance, a significant number of bonuses, reliable payment service, etc.


How we choose the top 10 online casinos?

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Although there are different criteria to rate performance level of online casinos, some aspects of these businesses are considered as vital such as security, games, bonuses, loyalty, banking, customer assistance and much more. It is a fact that online casino businesses are dealing with real money, and they must establish a reliable and secure system for customers. Regardless of development and freedom level, there are still some governments which have banned gambling industry in their countries. On the other side, online casino owners who are running their businesses in a state in which the gambling industry is legal, need to get a license by respectable gambling jurisdictions.

The most well-known ones of them are Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta, the United Kingdom, Alderney, and Curacao. There are plenty of topics that contain online gambling legalization issue like protectionism, civic values, gambling troubles, etc. As a result, regardless of the country, if any online casino business owner would like to be among one of the top 10 online casinos, needs to get a license from reliable gambling jurisdictions.  Moreover, online casinos should acquire encrypted connections at 128-bit or even better. Thus, if the online casino operates RNG (random number generator) software, has got its license from gambling jurisdiction and use an SSL (Secure socket layer) in order to preserve the servers, it entitles to become among top 10 online casinos.



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Online casino websites differ based on the variety, kind, and quantity of the games that they offer. The most extensive and famous type of games which played on these websites is an online video game. The design of these games is established through a brick-and-mortar structure. Other kinds of games played by users are mainly roulette, dice games, three-reel slots, card games, video pokers, and others. Most of the online casinos get their licenses from third groups in order to settle the range of the games. At the same time, the number of casino games software providers is increasing rapidly. The most famous ones of them are Real Time Gaming, CryptoLogic, Microgaming, Playtech, Rival, and NetEnt.

Depending on control level, these software providers differ from one another.  Meanwhile, some of them provide these online casinos with the whole system which called “turnkey,” rest of them only offer them with slot games and let them establish their way for operating the business. However, the top 10 online casinos need to find their way in order to regulate their system.  


Top 10 Online Casinos Bonuses

top 10 online casinos

One of the main reasons that people play slot games is bonuses that they received from this gambling industry. Even another name of the online casino business for clients is “bonus culture,” because of the rewards that they received through playing the game. Bonuses are one of the simple methods used by online casinos in order to rival with each other. The most popular type of gifts called “welcome bonus” which is “percentage match” bonus that supplemented to the initial deposit of the client. In other words, when the matching grade of the clients is 100%, s/he will receive $100 and will be able to start the game with $200. Top 10 online casinos mainly use more bonuses in order both to satisfy its clients and to prevail the opponents.


There are various types of rules and procedures used by online casino business owners in order to stabilize the bonus system. On the other hand, these rules and procedures raise several altercations among users.  As a base of requirements, the established rules and procedures define on which games and how much the clients can use his/her bonuses. Moreover, other limitations which are a part of these rules and methods could be related to country or state, the highest and lowest amount of withdrawal, and time.

 Are deposites accepted?

No deposits bonuses are accepted the most limited bonuses because clients cannot use them even as a welcome bonus. It is a fact that any user who creates an account on the online casinos can have easy access to bonuses presented by the website. Therefore, the owners use several tight and strict rules in order to regulate no deposit bonus. Despite sundry exclusions by several online casinos, most of them establish strict rules for no deposit bonuses which have tremendously higher than percentage match or welcome bonuses. The highest proportion of the money which can be withdrawn from received bonuses usually becomes on the ground level such as 5 or 10 lower grades than the value of the bonus.


Which bonunes are better?

top 10 online casinos

If you would like to learn about the bonuses offered by top 10 online casinos more deeply, this part of the blog will provide you solutions for your research. As mentioned before, although most of the online clubs use almost the same rules in order to regulate the bonus system, the top 10 online casinos have somehow different ways. Clients from various European countries such as France, Norway, Belgium, could have a different type of bonuses offered by online casino depending on the region that they live.


The full cash game needs more attention, focused and fresh brain, clear thoughts, and surely, deposit for the registration. Therefore, most of the new clients who are 18 years old or older ones prefer the online casinos which offer free registration, which several top online 10 casinos provide. The next stage is an essential factor is to assure the progression that clients achieve on the game to preserve the received bonuses. Thus, all types of bonuses, including both rewards that can be converted to the cash and non-monetary promotion types are considered the significant indicator for top 10 online casinos.

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