Top 4 Mobile Slots by Different Gambling Platforms in 2019

Gaming providers and developers could never anticipate that mobile gambling will change the online casino industry this much. Mobile gambling turned out to be a significant factor in defining the scheme of the industry. That is why; many casino providers are trying to build their brand with mobile casino game extensions. One of the most prolific casino games that you can play on mobile phones is slots. Growing demand for mobile slots made these games key for all casino brands. As we all know, several casino players are rapidly increasing. Mobile slots are one of the reasons that pushed this generation into gambling games. Game providing companies are ensuring that they are taking considerable right measurements of the current industry. Mobile gaming will grow in the future, so; in this post, we will highlight the best slot games for mobile casinos. 

Changing customer behavior leads to the rising of mobile slots

Mobile devices are playing a pivotal role in defining our game tastes nowadays. Casino players are also fond of their devices, so to reach them easily, slot game providers need to adjust to the mobile casino platform. Research of Mobile Donky Company shows that engagement with mobile phones is higher than ever for casino players. Mobile slots are getting more popular, though, for game providers, it is tough to get the attention of future customers in this specific platform. 

Millennials and mobile slots gambling 

Millennials considered one of the hardest demographics for reaching online gambling game providers. Though mobile phones are the key while creating that connection. Mobile phones are easy to access and use; that is why the practical generation like millennials are using them frequently. Many online casino game providers used different methods to attract millennials. For example, they created social casino slots so that younger adults could play for free. Those providers aimed to push them to real money casino games in the future. 

Online gambling industry and adaptation to the mobile slots

In today’s world, new addiction to society is mobile phone usage. Thus, this matter has a significant impact on the online gaming industry. Many casino slots players are fond of mobile slots for real money. Gaming providers should work harder to improve their services regarding mobile casinos. Desktop computers are getting abandoned by each passing day, so the mobile gaming industry will anticipate growing. Smartphones and tablets are new generation representatives of the online gambling industry. It is easily reachable, convenient to use, and they are outnumbering personal computers. Some companies are trying to build mobile-exclusive services for online gambling sites. Especially in the United Kingdom, it is a highly demanded area. Researchers found that more than five million people in the United Kingdom are using mobile phones for their popular slot game adventures. 

1. Dolphins Pearl

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Another fun mobile slot game in this list is the Dolphins Pearl. The Net Entertainment gaming company produces the game. Additionally, it is offered by Skillmine games. There is a funny dolphin that is the main character of the game. It is a very exciting and entertaining video slot game. Dolphins Pearl is a thrilling slot game that will make you love it since the first round. Exceptional rewards and the creative interface will catch the attention of many customers

In each volume of the game, Dolphins Pearl becomes more and more adventures. The story of undersea creatures very uniquely adapted to mobile gaming. This game is crucial for the Net Entertainment gaming company. They are treating it like flagship products. There are five reels and four rows in this exciting mobile slot game. Return to the player rate for Dolphins Pearl is standing at ninety-six percent. The highest payout is equal to two hundred and fifty times of initial wager. If you like to play adventures mobile slots in your device, this is the game that will capture your attention. Fantastic theme and new sound effects will make you feel like you are under the ocean and trying to capture the underworld. The cinematic intro of the game is like video games, and the overall quality of Dolphins Pearl is very high. 

For a five matching symbol line, you will get as much as nine thousand bonus points in Dolphins Pearl. There are many bonus packages and free spin chances that can be obtained by using scatter and wild symbols. The scatter pearl symbol is the most unique one in this game. It is very generous in providing bonuses. By getting at least scatter Pearl you will manage to earn up to fifteen free spins in this amazing game. 

2. Jungle

The jungle is one of the games that making casino players millionaires. This game is offered by Riversweeps Platinum. The highest payouts of the game made it very popular since day one. The game also called millionaire-maker in many mobile casino reviews. That is no coincidence, and Novomatic is backing up their promises regarding the enormous prizes. The theme of the game will resemble African culture. The main character is a gorilla that is sitting on the left angle of the screen during games. There are three jackpots in this progressive mobile slot game. The highest jackpot is around eighteen million dollars. Mobile slots not always offering this type of enormous prizes, though that is another reason why you need to try this game.

There are five reels and five rows in Jungle. Novomatic wanted to create a platform that players with all budget standing could play. That is why this company is considered one of the top 10 online casino providers in the modern gambling market. There are twenty-five pay lines in this game. Players can wager on any of those pay lines at any time. The minimum bet for the game stands at zero point one euro. Besides, the highest chances will be close to six-point twenty-five euros. 

Features of the Jungle

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As you can see, Jungle is a very efficient mobile slot game. Bonuses are one of the critical characteristics of this game. There is a welcome bonus for all the new players. The main advantage of the Jungle is that you do not have to make a wager to get that welcome bonus package. Additionally, there are bonuses such as free spins, re-spins, and open round plays. You will also get random rewards while playing Jungle top online casino games. The jackpots in this game are very generous. Bar symbols will help you to get up to two hundred times multipliers. 

Symbols of the mobile slots game very uniquely designed. As we mentioned before, the game features an African cultural heritage theme. Many wild animals are included in the gameplay of The Jungle. For instance, lions, tigers, and Gorillas can be taken as an example. While playing this mobile slot game, you will need the help of those characters. For example, if you want to activate the free spin feature. Then, you need to click on the gorilla icon when it appears randomly on reels. More wins, huge prizes, and, most importantly, fun features, all of these aspects mentioned above, are waiting for you in the Jungle. So, do not hesitate to check this game out. 

3. Book of Ra Deluxe

The famous online casino game Book of Ra was the ancestor of games like Book of Ra Deluxe. This game launched by Novomatic. The Book of Ra is a slot classic that continues to impress players with their new added features. The Book of Ra Deluxe is a fascinating mobile slot game. All top-rated online casinos should include this game because of its unique interface and storyline. Ancient Egypt is the place where actions take place in these mobile slot games. The interface is unique and attractive. The main character of the Book of Ra Deluxe is a character that will resemble Indiana Jones. Every adaptation of the Book of Ra game is exciting players because of improvements in their content. Gameplay in this adaptation is more interesting, and the winnings are more intense. 

Rules and interface of the Book of Ra Deluxe

In the Book of Ra, Deluxe players will see new features that other sequels did not have. There are five reels in the game. Alongside with that, you will have five rows with creatively designed themes. Book of Ra Deluxe is offering ten pay lines for their players. You can place your bet on any pay line. Top charts include this game on lists because it is both timelessly classic and one of the best mobile slots that are available in the market. Book of Ra Deluxe fans is exciting about this adaptation because of the new bonus systems and excessive rewards. The volatility of this game is very high. It means that the frequency of the wins is not that high. However, you have a great chance of winning huge rewards. 

Payouts, symbols, RTP of Book of Ra Deluxe mobile slot game 

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Payouts are very high in mobile slot games; Book of Ra Deluxe is no exception to that tradition. Return to the player rate of Book of Ra Deluxe is about ninety-four point twenty-six percent. On average, this percent is very high, because the best mobile slots do not always have the same RTPs as desktop casino games. Besides, you will have a chance at winning massive prizes while playing Book of Ra Deluxe. The reason for that is the bonus system of the game. 

There are free spins and free round features of this mobile slot game. You can also add up to your winnings by using re-spin bonuses — the symbols designed in a way that they will resemble ancient Egypt.

The Egyptian Gods, The Sphinx, and the main character, Indiana Jones, are among those symbols. Every symbol is giving you different rewards. The most important symbols are scattered symbols and wild symbols. Since the day that the first Book of Ra sequel casino games was released, this game became very popular. Many casino lovers appreciate various adaptations like Book of Ra classic, Book of Ra Deluxe six, Book of the Dead. If you are one of those mobile slots players who like to play historical games with an excellent interface, you need to try the Book of Ra Deluxe.

4. Terminator 2

That is another mobile slot that became popular in recent years. Adventure lovers in slot games should try this fantastic casino game. The game is based on the second movie of Terminator series Terminator 2; Judgment Day. This slot game is including many characters from the same film, and the storyline is all about Arnold’s legendary film. Thrilling animations, exciting bonuses, and many more features made us put Terminator 2 to the list of best mobile slots for real money. 

Rules of the game 

In this game, there are five reels and five rows. Additionally, you will have various two hundred forty-three ways to win the mobile slots game. It means that the winning combinations will occur more often, and you will not wait for great prizes long. The downside of the game is that you will not find huge jackpots in this game. Though the probability of winning is very high. The game is a low variance slot game that offers you great bonuses. The low-risk high reward is the formula for success if you are playing mobile slots. That is why, for players who like to get rewards while not risking much, this game fits very well. During the bonus rounds, it estimated that winning combinations in Terminator two would be four times higher. Thus, your chances of getting bonus rewards will increase vastly. 

How to play Terminator 2?

Playing this game is very easy. Just like any other mobile slot game, Terminator two does not have complicated control. The exciting side of this mobile slot game that it does not have pay lines. As we mentioned before, there are two hundred forty-three ways to win. You will not be able to add or remove pay lines while playing Terminator 2. Instead, you would be able to tinker the total payroll, so that your chances of winning great prizes will increase. Coin sizes are different from each other in this mobile slot game. Players can change coin sizes by just clicking to the bets tab. For example, the player can get ten coins with denominations of zero points ten, zero points two, zero points five, etc. Total bet for that specific round, in that case, would be around zero points seventeen coins. 

Sci-Fi Actions 

sci-fi actions

Any fan of the movie Terminator would know that robotic aspects are the key when it comes to that character. Popular slot game Terminator 2 is also helping you to enjoy the game visually. Micro Gaming Company used the latest technologies for creating this game. Though the animations and visual effects are second to none. Players will be entertained hugely after taking their chance on these mobile slots. You will see the visuals of many popular characters in the game. For example, the movie characters like T-1000, John Connor, Sarah Connor, and T-800 are featuring in this game. The highest value of those symbols is, of course, belongs to Arnold, which is Terminator. 

Scatters, wild symbols, bonuses 

There are many bonuses in this fantastic slot game. The wild symbol of the game is T2. If you could match the line with five T2 symbols, you will manage to get a multiplier. The multiplier for T2 is about one thousand five hundred coins. Multipliers are more critical for this game than scatter symbols. Many of those multipliers will help you to get more than three thousand timers of your initial bet. If you get free spin bonuses through scatter symbols in Terminator 2. You will see that the number of rows will increase. Eventually, it will turn into five reels and four-row slot game. In this game, there are various one thousand twenty-four ways to win. That means the chances of every player getting high rewards are very realistic. 

To finalize, mobile slot games are getting more and more popular each day. The number of mobile slots will increase in the future. So, if you are a player that likes to play those games and compete in slot tournaments, hopefully, this article has helped you.

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