Top 4 Popular Slot Games You Can Play in 2019

popular slot games

The online casino industry is growing day by day. Technology is advancing, and it leads to changes in the entertainment industry. Is the gambling industry also part of this change? New advanced technology creates a path for the innovative businessman. Those businessmen are now more concerned about building their online casinos and improving it. Throughout this decade, online casinos and online casino games evolved a lot. One of the most popular types of casino games is slot games. This article will be dedicated to the most popular slot games produced in 2019.

Slots are an essential part of the gambling industry. Every player that stepped on the casino floor knows the entertainment and excitement of this casino game. There are many popular slot games in the field right now, and these posts will discuss some of them. Let’s first give a brief explanation of slot game than continue on this subject. 

What are the popular slot games?

Slot games are an essential part of the casino industry. Since the last century, slot games are top-rated among gambling players. They are enjoying this entertaining kind of gambling game. So, what is the slot game and how it played? Slot games are classic versions consist of three or five reels. The player pushes the button and waits for the results in slot games. There are different symbols that stand out for various prizes. For instance, numbers, alphabetic symbols, cartons, famous singer/actor images, mystic animals are all popular symbols of slot games. Most of the slot games can be played in every internet cafe or online casino. As technology advancing, people are choosing online casinos for their entertainment. That is why; the online gambling industry is growing so fast. Before giving you a list of most popular online slots, let’s briefly explain to you the essentials of slot games.

How to play slot games?

A lot of people think that slot games are played based on entire luck. This idea is a misconception, and in this paragraph, we will explain to you why. Success is essential for every gambling game, whether it is poker, keno, or video slot. If you check some of the casino slot reviews, you will see a term like RNG. What is RNG and why it is essential? The Random Number Generator is an integral part of slot games. It is a computer component that defies the odds. While playing in the slot machine, The Random Number Generator will work in a way that it will be possible for you to pick some symbols.

The main idea of having The Random Number Generator is to make sure that the system can operate through the creation of random sequences. Those sequences are essential for players because your results are defined by milliseconds in slot games. Online slot games are working through this system, and the main component is the Random Number Generator. 

How the RNG works in slot games?

popular slot games


   The purpose of the Random Number Generator is creating random and various intervals for slots. The different series of numbers coded in the system which makes it casual. The myth about winning tips in slot games is not valid. Some people argue that if you lose, then you need to try again for winning. However, each sequence that is operated by the random number generator is independent of others. So, that means that if you win this term, you can lose the next one and vice versa. Every internet sweepstake cafe uses this system for its popular slot games. Spins and the results of the online slot games are all randomly chosen, that is why it is safe to say that those slot machines cannot cheat on you. 

Why is Random Number Generator famous for slot games?

  Slot games do not have the memory. By saying that, I meant if you played one round and then the second one slot game does not know the outcome of both of them. It is working periodically. Thus it is safe to play. If you win big cash then you are hesitant to play another round, you are wrong. Some people believe that after winning the bet, slot machines will cut their winning and make them lose. However, that is not true, and that is not how the Random Number Generator operates. Mathematical equations are defining your results in popular slot games.

In online gambling slots, results are coming together after some of those mathematical equations. It is neither programmed nor pre-determined that you lost your game or won it. Luck is essential for playing this type of game. For instance, whenever you press the spin and stop button, which numbers that the random number generator chooses in a split second will define your odds of winning or losing. 

Process of the slot game

   The seconds are essential in slot games. One second can define the full result for the popular slot games. That is why timing is critical for winning high prices. As we mentioned before, you cannot learn how to win by calculating those seconds. This information is given to you just because of the explanation. For instance, imagine that you are playing a classic three-reel slot game. You push the button, and symbols began spinning. At one point, you need to sell a stop, so that you can see the result. At that same moment, the Random number generator will work in three different ways.

Almost all online casino software uses this sample to developing their games. One arrow will be on. First, another on second and the third one is on the last reel. They will choose the numbers, and those numbers will equate to the symbols. If all of the symbols are matching after this process, you will win the game.

Types of slot games

    There are several types of slot games. For instance, we can name video slots, bonus slots, storyline slots, jackpot and progressive jackpot slot five and three or more reel slots, etc. In the online casino business, you can encounter them a lot. All of those online slot games have various features which makes them even more entertaining. For instance, three-reel slot games are the classic and the simplest type of this game. This type of slot is the best option for amateur players. It is easy to cope with three-reel slots for newcomers. The rules are the same as five-reel slots. Match the symbols and the prize. In a single line, you need to match three different logos for winning. Most of the top-rated slots in online casinos are all classic three-reel slot games. 

Three-reel slot games

    It is better to start from a three-reel slot if you are an amateur player. That is the wild and straightforward casino game that fulfills your interest. What if you experienced enough to try new types of slot games? In that case, there are slot game types like video and multiple reels slots which can be interesting for you. Experienced players like challenges and video slots have all those challenges in them. Famous online casinos are offering a great variety of slot games from which you can choose the best one.

Video slots are one of those games. Video slots have five reels, and on many occasions, they called five-reel slot games. The main difference between three and five reel slots is the design and sound effects. Overall the quality of the video slots is getting better and better. It is as realistic as video games and as entertains as three-reel slots. Your gaming satisfaction will be higher after playing video slots. 

Five reel slot games

popular slots games


    There are different symbols in video slots, but the storyline is the key for them. Unlike the classic three-reel slot games, video slots have more than one pay line. This feature is enabling you to get more chances at winning. While checking online casino reviews, you will see that video slots have many advantageous sides. The first advantage is the number of pay lines. In video slots, you can get as many as a hundred pay lines at the same time. Many popular slot games are all adapted to this new phenomenon. Customers are satisfied with the results of five-reel or video slot games. Another reason for their satisfaction is the highest payouts. It is a lot easier to win high payouts by just little deposits in video slots. That is the legit reason why many players are fond of five-reel online casino slots. 

Bonus slot games

    These slots are another kind of famous slot games. Bonus rounds characterize this slot game. The graphics and exciting sound effects make this type of slot very popular. Bonus rounds are consisting of different parts. Bonuses in casino games are considered to be a deciding factor in which online casino players should play or not. That is why bonuses and bonus rounds are an essential feature of casino games, especially online slots. Every popular slot game has great bonuses and exciting features. In the following paragraphs, we will explore those famous slot games and learn their essential characteristics. 

Top popular slot games of 2019

There are hundreds of slot games that are available in the market. You can play classic slot machine games, and also you can enjoy new multiline slot games through online casinos. If you never tried to play slot games before, make sure that you will play it one day. It is an entertaining and exciting adventure. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the most popular online slots of 2019. The factors that define these games ranking are the return to the player rate, bet sizes, and withdrawal policies. An objective analysis of the best slot games and online casino ratings will be displayed below, so let’s get started. 

Spinning Reels

The first one on the list of top online slots is spinning reels. If you are a slot game player, but you like old school casino games, then spinning reels will be a perfect choice for you. Spinning Reels is well designed and exciting slot game. The main characters and symbols of this game are mainly fruits. Just like in retro slot machines, the fruits portrayed in this game as the main symbols. This slot game is handy for getting great bonus packages. The game consists of the classic styled three-reel slot.

There are three reels with symbols, and alongside that Spinning reels offer you the vast number of five pay lines. The most entertaining feature of this game is the retro-modern mixture. You can feel the old school vibe while playing this fantastic game. It is not a coincidence that Spinning Reels is on the list of most popular slot games of 2019. You can find this game on any trusted online casino that you are visiting daily. 

Features of Spinning Reels

There are several symbols in spinning reels that should be matching. For instance, the main characters in this game are grapes, lemons, cherries, apples, etc. Different fruits are standing for separate values. Thus you will collect more money and bonuses if you can match specific fruits. There are free spins and bonus features of spinning reels. To get those bonus packages, a player required to get at least five matching fruit lines. If you get lucky and match seven of the same fruit symbol, then you will get a free spin bonus automatically. 

Golden Jungle Grand


This featuring slot game is a prevalent one in 2019. Golden Jungle Grand offers its players 75   and four symbols. Payouts in this game generated through icons. If your images are getting wilder, then the payout rate will go higher. The statue symbol is an essential character of this game. If you get a status symbol in Golden Jungle Grand after two or three spins, you will get rewards. Those rewards will be mainly about free spins. If you can get two statue symbols at the same time, then you will be rewarded with ten free spins. These features of the free game make it even more addictive. It is an exciting game for all the slot game lovers. 

Smokin’ Hot Stuff

This slot game is viral among comic book lovers. Multipliers, progressive jackpots, bonus packs are all exciting features of Smokin’ Hot Stuff. Progressive jackpots offered in case of players matching objects. At any bet levels, these fantastic features can be performed by gambling players. If you get pitchfork while spinning, this will lead to the elimination of lower prices. This feature is handy because the player will have more chances of winning higher bets. These are not all the bonus packages that Smokin’ Hot stuff is offering to its clients.

Additionally, there is a bonus called a wicked wheel bonus. It is operating in a way that if a player will get the exact symbol on their second, third, and fourth try. They will get the multiplier bonuses from smoking payoffs. 

Penn &Teller, Everi

This slot game is consisting of nine pay lines and three reels. Penn & Teller, Everi looks like old school popular slot games, but it has more advanced features. One of those features is an excellent bonus package. There are more than eight interactive bonuses in this game. The player will not get bored because of the storyline and graphics of this fantastic game. The two famous magicians portrayed as reel spinners in Penn & teller, Everi. While playing the game, you will encounter the brilliant magic tricks such as vanishing a rabbit, miser dream, shadow attacks, etc. There are different wheel bonus prices in this game. For instance, a player can get mini, minor, mega, and significant progress in jackpots while playing. Overall this game is designed for those players who like to risk and get high rewards while playing the best slot games in online casinos. 


In this post, we tried to explain to you the most popular slot games while explaining some of the critical features of them. In 2019 online casino business is still evolving and new games are coming to the market. The competitiveness of the online casino business is very high; that is why the quality of the products is equally getting higher. If you like slot games, read this article and find out the best slots in the world to play right now. Thank you for taking your time and reading this article. 

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